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Erik Roth

Senior PartnerStamford

A leading thinker and adviser on innovation-led growth, R&D, and marketing strategy

Erik is a leader in our Strategy Practice in the Americas and directs our work in innovation globally. He is one of the firm’s foremost experts on matters related to innovation and its critical components, including innovation strategy, new-product development, business-model creation, open innovation, culture change, and R&D management. He also has extensive expertise in marketing, having led many projects around the world focused on marketing strategy, brand building, marketing organization design, and capability building.

Previously based in Shanghai, Erik works with Asia-based companies as well as leading multinational corporations. He serves clients in a range of industries across both Asia and North America—including high tech, telecommunications, consumer goods, and retail.

In 2004, Erik coauthored Seeing What's Next: Using the Theories of Innovation to Predict Industry Change, which introduced a set of tools for companies to use in setting innovation strategy, pursuing disruptive innovation, and managing complex innovation systems. He is the author of several articles on R&D and innovation, as well as on the unique challenges facing China.

Prior to joining McKinsey in 2000, Erik was part of the team that created OnStar, the in-vehicle security and communication system. He was also Chief Innovation Officer at LG where, among other successfully commercialized digital experiences, he led the effort to design LG's award-winning Smart TV interface.

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Past experience

Chief Innovation Officer

Head of marketing and product development

Marketing Corporation of America


Harvard Business School

Middlebury College
BA, international politics, economics