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Nicolas Denis


Advises government institutions on sustainable economic development and serves leading companies in agribusiness, fisheries, forestry, and biotech

Nicolas is a partner in McKinsey’s Brussels office. He supports clients in the fields of sustainable agriculture and fisheries, land use, and biotech, and also works on topics involving biofuels, biochemicals, and bioenergy.

In addition, Nicolas advises government bodies on sustainable economic development, agriculture, and food security, especially in developing and emerging countries. He works on these issues globally, but with a special focus on the Middle East and North and East Africa. Within McKinsey, Nicolas is a leader of our Sustainability Practice and our Social Sector Practice.

In one recent project, Nicolas helped a city authority think through ways to reduce its energy use and carbon footprint by 80 percent by 2050 and understand what that would mean for the local economy. In other client work, Nicolas supported an Asian electric company in defining the medium-term outlook for power demand, advised a Latin American producer on developing the next wave of its growth strategy for new biofuels varieties and technologies, and assisted a European government department in conducting a high-level review of industrial sectors and identifying priorities for policy.

Outside his client work, Nicolas continues to be active in research in his field and is a regular speaker at conferences. He is also the author of a number of articles. He holds master’s degrees in chemical engineering from the Stanford University and in mechanical engineering from the Université catholique de Louvain.

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Stanford University
MSc, chemical engineering

Université catholique de Louvain
MSc, mechanical engineering