About Scott

As a leader in the Organization Practice, Scott’s passion is helping management teams unlock the full potential of their organizations. He works with leadership teams to develop comprehensive transformation programs that deliver, with change-management excellence, improved bottom-line performance, and shift underlying culture for sustainability. As part of this work, he plays a direct CEO- and board-counseling role, particularly during times of leadership transitions.

Scott is active in knowledge sharing and publishing. He regularly hosts leadership and change-management round tables, including at the World Economic Forum. He is a cofounder and senior faculty of two of our premier client capability-building sessions, the Change Leaders Forum and the Executive Transitions Master Class. Scott is a guest lecturer at Trinity Business School at Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin, and Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

Scott has written many books and articles on organizational effectiveness. Most recently, he coauthored Leading Organizations: Ten Timeless Truths (Bloomsbury Business, June 2017). His best seller, Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Achieve Ultimate Competitive Advantage (Wiley, June 2011), has been translated into seven languages.

Outside of McKinsey, Scott is a cofounder and board member of Digital Divide Data (DDD), a social enterprise that uses a sustainable IT-service model to benefit some of the world’s most disadvantaged populations. Fast Company magazine ranked DDD as a global top innovator.


What every leader needs to know about organizational management

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University of Notre Dame
MBA, international business
BS, mechanical engineering