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Setting the record straight on staffing

– Every candidate is curious to know how she’ll be staffed to an engagement team. Learn how it works at McKinsey.

Coffee with Raashikha

– Drink a Friday coffee with Raashikha from Bangaluru.

Fun, friendships, and fitting in

– We spent two minutes with one of the Junior Consultants’ Club members, Petr, to find out what makes their community so special.

Changing my mind

– Working at McKinsey allowed me to change mind and find my passion.

The perfect balancing act

Rodrigo makes lasting connections at McKinsey while working, keeping fit and exploring new restaurants.

Never enough good surprises

– Alberto has been positively surprised by the support he’s received through McKinsey Black Network in Brazil.

Advance others in analytics

Sebastian worked as a professor, then came to McKinsey to have more tangible outcomes.

A coffee chat with Irina

– It’s coffee chat time again. Meet Irina, a cyber risk associate.

Keeping in touch

– The support of her colleagues led Kerry on a journey she didn’t expect, all the way from recruiter to director of recruiting for the Americas.

Different worlds, one McKinsey

– Being an associate at McKinsey, based in Japan, opened my eyes to the meaning and importance of a variety of industries and different leadership styles.

Learning to lead through listening

– Lisana, the head of Midwest office recruiting, describes one of her proudest professional accomplishments and the leader who surprised her and taught her along the way.

60 seconds with Peter

– Get to know this associate partner in our cyber risk practice.

From What the Hack to making your own McKinsey

Ankit found he could make his own McKinsey.

Developing people

– Building client leadership capabilities pulled Curtis to McKinsey.

Finding meaning, steeped in values

– As Ali prepared to start his master’s in Public Administration at Harvard this fall, he penned his good–bye for now note to his colleagues.

Q&A with Roshni

We caught up with Roshni, a business analyst in Nairobi, to find out how she balances her full life, blogging and consulting.

Constant learning and support

– Learn how our vibrant community and tech work brought LA-based product manager Mehdi to McKinsey.

How McKinsey has helped me make life work

– Trying to juggle my wife’s surgery, our two kids, and a McKinsey training program seemed impossible. However, with my team’s incredible support and creativity, I was able to be there for my family, and for an enriching professional experience.

Hard to choose

– Associate Katherine finds it hard to choose her best experience at McKinsey, so she names five.

Curious like Ioannis

– Ioannis, a Berlin-based software engineer, shares how McKinsey has helped him gain exposure to a breadth of emerging tech, across a variety of client projects.

Doing what you love

– Mario joined McKinsey to combine his passions for mining and travelling.

Creating ownership

– Transforming clients’ problems in to success stories drove Nikhil to McKinsey.

Finding the right balance

– Lukasz was looking for international opportunities based in his home country, surrounded by his family and friends, so he joined McKinsey.

From medicine to consulting

– Temitope, public health physician and now senior associate, is enjoying her opportunity to try new things at McKinsey.

Acquiring an adult mindset

– Nicole joined McKinsey to grow on a personal level.

Next stop: growth

– Mira joined McKinsey to explore new industries and grow professionally.

Developing buzz words

– Anna, an associate from Beijing, feels like she’s working in a start–up, but it’s actually McKinsey.

Celebrating small wins

– Kelsey loves the fact that she works on a large scale, but still helps the individual.

Shaping a solution through data engineering

Atlanta-based data engineer Sonia captures the meaningful autonomy and sponsorship she's had at McKinsey to develop both her data-engineering and client-engagement skills.

Exploring new opportunities

– Lucas moved back to Argentina after his studies in the US. He is experiencing something new every day.

Changing your mindset

– Kui changed from law to McKinsey. She is loving every second of it.

Making it work

– Sorin, a Bucharest–based associate, tells how he makes the McKinsey life work for him.

Opening the 100th McKinsey office

– Shivanshu studied in the US (twice) before coming back to his home country India (twice), and learned more than he could have imagined along the way, thanks to McKinsey Mentorship.

Take the lead

– Rogerio wanted to make a difference in the public and social sectors. By making his own McKinsey, he is doing just that.

True friendships

– Mim came back to Thailand to learn and have a fun workday, every day.

Making patients happy

– “I changed from surgery residency to McKinsey Implementation to help other surgeons and patients create and acquire the best healthcare possible .”

Inside tips from a McKinsey recruiter

– Lenka provides insight into the recruiting process for analytics roles at McKinsey. 

McKinsey teaches skills that go with you

– McKinsey alumnus Niklas shares how is experience as a McKinsey data scientist in Dusseldorf prepared him for his current role as L’Oréal's Data Science Head.

From Chile to Madrid, from business analyst to translator.

– Andrea switched roles and offices during his third year as a business analyst. Explore his path.

A cross-continental analytics adventure 

– From Johannesburg to London, data scientist Shiraz shares how variety, personalized growth, and meaningful analytics work have taken him on an exhilarating McKinsey adventure.

From online hackathon participant to data scientist

– Fritz joined the online hackathon because he wanted to learn more about machine learning, and then he found a full-time data science role in McKinsey's Dusseldorf office.

An upward learning curve

– Andrii experienced McKinsey as the place to combine learning, with travelling and growing.

Advice beyond the McKinsey walls

– Anuradha learned a lot from her mentor. Even though he left McKinsey, he is still a big source of advice for her.

From a PhD in public health to consulting in retail

– Mariana was surprised and excited to find she could apply the skills and tools she learned in grad school to be at her best at McKinsey.

Empowering Middle Eastern talent

– Facilitating edad showed Feras sometimes we make the biggest difference outside of the client setting.

McKinsey is about teamwork

– Alison loves the team aspect of working at McKinsey. It reminds her of her rowing days and helps her to become the best version of herself.

Hooked on tangible outcomes

– Christian, an associate partner in Dubai, grew up watching the planes he now takes to travel the world for Digital McKinsey.

Enable people by inspiring them

Beke, an associate partner in London, gives her views on leadership and working at McKinsey.

Mindful at McKinsey

– Daria, an analytics expert in Wroclaw, tells us how she stays grounded.

My cross-continental McKinsey journey

– After 5 years as a generalist consultant, engineer Manasi was seeking a new challenge with more flexibility and autonomy. Her search led her to a pleasant surprise: McKinsey product management in Chicago.

From grad school to McKinsey

– Eyiwunmi still tackles tough challenges on diverse teams, but her work now is "even more team oriented, urgent, and varied.”

Making a difference and learning from diversity - everyday at McKinsey

– After applying through the McKinsey Women in Leadership Scholarship and interning in Sydney, Vinuri was hooked.

Iron discipline

– Carla combines her tough training schedule with being an engagement manager in São Paulo. Read more.

Dreaming of small numbers

Oliver, an associate in our Munich office, dreamt to generate insights from data as a child and puts them in to practice now.

Second chances

– Zoltan moved back to Budapest after studying in Switzerland. Being an entrepreneurial spirit, consultancy was a good match.

First brushes with the flexibility of McKinsey

– Divya, a director of digital delivery in India, learned how McKinsey fit her during big changes in her life.

Authenticity, vulnerability, and flexibility

– Rachael tells about McKinsey and Inspire.

Building McKinsey Panama

– Julio describes the support he’s received while opening this office.

Building things

– Since he got a programming study book, Ingemar has been hooked on software. Read more.

Going home

– Dennis returns to Kenya to work on exciting projects helping to develop his country.

Saying we instead of you

As an experienced hire Nicolas changed from ‘marketing’ client-side to consultancy. Now he uses his former experiences for his clients. Read how.

Breakfast all day every day

– Have breakfast with Katerina, an engagement manager in Prague.

When values match

– Anna was attracted to McKinsey Implementation because she wanted to work at a firm she believed in. Read more on how McKinsey matches her values.

Super social Fridays and work-life balance

– Balancing a full life and making a difference, Maria from Mexico City does it all.

From Silicon Valley to Shanghai

– Yusi joined McKinsey in China after gaining experience in Silicon Valley. Learn more about the parallel he found between the two.

Impacting 1,000s of lives via design

– From enriching experiences across 10 countries to influencing 1,000s of lives through design. Melbourne-based designer Zaana shares her rewarding first year here at McKinsey.

Views over Mexico City and doing what you love

– Aldo learned first–hand that doing what he loves makes everything easier.

Coming back to consulting – but only for McKinsey

– Choon, an implementation coach in Kuala Lumpur, is enjoying putting his experience in operations to work at McKinsey.

Mentorship & support

– Mentorship helped Marina find her place in McKinsey's São Paulo office.

If at first you don’t succeed

– Don’t let that stop you. Keep in touch and try again.

An interesting study is just a coffee chat away

– Learn more about Catherine–Sophie, who joined Tune your Career last year and is now a junior specialist in Munich.

Achieving my goals with the right support

– Water polo bronze medallist Aleksa tells why he returned home to Serbia after earning his degree at Berkeley.

Emerging Scholars: Mohamad, Booth School of Business

– Mohamad’s McKinsey Mentor helped him find his way to McKinsey and through his summer internship to a full-time offer.

Emerging Scholars: Nancy, Tuck School of Business

– Nancy found colleagues at McKinsey she would follow anywhere, and her journey began in Emerging Scholars. Check out her story and apply by May 17.

Sounds like Katy might love consulting

– Katy, an associate in Denver, explains why she switched from chemical engineering to consulting at McKinsey.

Why McKinsey, why Prague?

– Miron answers to encourage you to apply for Global Connect, our newest event for graduate students and professionals in N America who want to make a difference in a fast–growing, global market.

Height, vision and diversity

– Liwei, an associate in Beijing, describes how she enjoys all three within Digital McKinsey

Emerging Scholars: Sophie, Duke Fuqua School of Business

– Sophie’s mentors encouraged her to go to business school then McKinsey to make the type of difference she hopes to have on the world.

A partner in growth

– Aleck describes how he creates success by really working with the client.

McKinsey is like a high–performance sports team

– Marieke, a former professional swimmer in the 2004 Athens Summer Games, now associate in the Public Sector Hub in Sydney, explains how.

Combining the old with the new

– Julian, an experience design lead at Digital McKinsey in Berlin, tells how he delights clients with new and traditional problem solving approaches.

Emerging Scholars: Madeline, Yale School of Management

– Madeline started her career in tech but was drawn to consulting to tackle bigger challenges in the industry. Emerging Scholars was the first step in her journey.

Why McKinsey Implementation in Marketing & Sales has been best for me

– Christian appreciates the opportunities for learning and advising he has found here.

Beyond borders with McKinsey

– Miho describes how she's making her own McKinsey by helping to build an education practice in Japan and spending a year in the US to learn from current leaders in the sector

Emerging Scholars: Marla, Harvard Business School

– Marla joined our Boston office last summer. Her Emerging Scholars McKinsey Mentor Monika helped make it happen. Read how.

Looking back

– Senior partner and leader of our Growth and Innovation practice, Yuval reflects on the lessons he learned in his 15 years at McKinsey.

A place where you are celebrated

– Farid wants to tell you about our GLAM society in the Jakarta office.

Changing a nation on day 1 (almost)

– Aziz shares what led him to McKinsey Dubai after an MBA at Booth.

Opening up to adventure

– A choice early in his McKinsey career changed Bill’s path, ultimately making him a global citizen.

A last minute application changed my life

– Don’t wait until May 17 to apply for Emerging Scholars. If you’re an incoming MBA student who will be studying in the US, learn from Josh and apply today.

Apply for Insight Asia-Pacific

– Get a real perspective about life as a consultant, like Fern did

Finding my family at McKinsey

– The Emerging Scholars program did more for Kim than teach her about the firm. Find out more and, if you’re starting business school in the US this fall, apply by May 17th.

Opportunities as high as the Rockies

– Helen experiences a feeling of home coming to the Calgary office.

Mentorship and meaning

– Uttara returned to McKinsey Mumbai after earning a Harvard MPA for those two things. Join us for Insight Asia-Pacific to see if you’ll find them here, too.

A career in reverse

– Former Apple Beats CMO Mark, now a McKinsey digital marketer based in San Francisco, describes how McKinsey and its multidisciplinary teams have opened up new growth opportunities for him.

Sanja's surprises

– This junior associate in Zagreb shares three things she learned in her first six months

The best of both worlds

– Why would an entrepreneur and Harvard Ph.D. leave the US to return home to Japan? Masaru answers.

Curious soul-searching

– Lauren wanted the flexibility to learn about everything, so she came to McKinsey.

My McKinsey Family

– Florencia’s biggest surprise: finding colleagues to share her ups and downs throughout life.

Lagos celebrates International Women’s Day

– Hear how our colleagues have helped #PressForProgress by mentoring others.

Take Time to skate

– Jackie’s been using this program to build another life – as a well-respected journalist covering figure skating on a global scale

Tea time with data scientist Victoria

– New Jersey-based McKinsey data scientist Victoria enjoys a tea while listening to “songs that your parents like."

McKinsey’s #PressForProgress

– Today the world celebrates International Women’s Day. Read about a few of our colleagues who are making a difference in gender parity.

From PowerPoint to product design

– McKinsey Digital's Susan is on to a whole new way to tackle problem solving.

I was looking for a global experience

– Justice describes her route from a dual degree in the US and France to Toronto.

Take Time to play

– Joelle describes how she combines her work at McKinsey Dubai with her passion for the theatre.

A coffee chat with designer Kristi

– Grab a cup and learn more about London-based service designer Kristi.

Inspiring young creatives around the world

– Tey reminisces about his own start in digital & design and looks forward to sparking more interest in the field by writing a creative brief for the D&AD New Blood Awards.

Natalia explains our Marketing & Sales practice.

Meet Natalia – a Junior Recruiter, who will tell you more about one of the largest practices at McKinsey and the opportunities that Next Generation Women Leaders participants will have a possibility to explore.

McKinsey at MAKERS 2018

– Six colleagues participated in the MAKERS Conference in February. Share their experience through photos and videos.

A coffee chat with Iris

– Iris explains why she loves working in the Seoul office over pu-erh tea.

Go global with McKinsey: Thor

– Thor, originally from Iceland, studied in the US and started his career in Stockholm. Read more on him here.

Anita explains our Operations practice.

– Anita, a recruiter for our European Operations practice, tells why you should apply for NGWL and select the Operations practice route.

Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Janthe

– We would like you to meet NGWL team member Janthe. Read more here.

Who’s behind “Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick?”

– Co-author Martin Hirt shares his experiences writing our newest book on strategy.

Coffee time with a Next Generation Women Leader: Insa

– Grab a coffee and get to know one of the organizers of NGWL.

Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Insa

– Meet organizer Insa who put her learnings from the 2014 event to use improving gender parity.

Meet Yvette

– Professional swimmer, TEDx speaker, Hong Kong-based business analyst

Experiencing the unexpected

– Discovering I can build a great social/sports life while working full-time at McKinsey.

Coffee time with a Next Generation Women Leader: Sophie

– Grab a coffee and get to know one of the organizers of NGWL.

Unlocking a $100M opportunity

– Tal explains how he drove rapid change during a recent McKinsey Implementation engagement.

Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Sophie

– McKinsey’s structured communication approach comes in handy at work, organizing the Next Generation Women Leaders event, and helping her sister.

Adventures at sea

– Similarities between consulting and ocean racing.

Coffee time with a Next Generation Women Leader: Anniken

– Grab a coffee and get to know one of the organizers of NGWL.

Never regret writing in C and Perl

– London-based software engineer Vipin describes the call that brought him to the "best place to learn."

Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Anniken

– We add this business analyst from Oslo’s story to our profiles of Next Generation Women Leaders.

Coffee time with a Next Generation Women Leader: Vera

– Grab a coffee and get to know one of the organizers of NGWL better.

Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Vera

– We will share stories of our Next Generation Women Leaders organizers over the next weeks. First up is Vera, an associate in Munich.

No typical day

– Data scientist Sanja spends her days modelling, presenting, practicing yoga, and problem-solving.

Avocado coffee, kung fu, and social impact

– Shi, a business analyst in Kuala Lumpur, says more.

New ways of working at McKinsey Implementation

– Fiona’s first part-time engagement.

Meet Patrik

– Burger aficionado, father of two and implementation coach extraordinaire.

An engineer’s desert and arctic adventure

– From the desert to arctic, petroleum engineer-turned-consultant William describes his exhilarating experiences with McKinsey's Oil & Gas practice in London and Vienna.

From the BBC to McKinsey design

– London-based Pedro shares what brought him to McKinsey after two decades in experience design: from Yahoo! to Barclays to the BBC.

Putting my ideas into action

– Simona enjoys the ability to influence real life as a senior implementation coach in Milan.

A new way to find talent

– Keith, a London-based data scientist and director of people analytics, describes his role in innovating McKinsey's assessment process.

Ever-new Operations

– In six years within supply chain management at McKinsey, Tim has tried a lot

Building Wave 2

– Software engineer, opera singer, and surfer Rory shares how his inspiring, global team of software engineers is helping usher in the next era of McKinsey's Wave tech solution in Dublin.

Inspiration and insights

– Angela: London-based associate, former geneticist, current rock star

Kelsey’s work, her way

– San Francisco-based partner Kelsey tells how she combines client work with leading our West Coast Gender Initiative and making it to Soulcycle.

Coffee chat with Zain, a business analyst from Kuala Lumpur

– Time for a coffee (or noodle) break with Zain. Read more on his week, music preferences and grit.

The Glamourous Katy George

Katy revealed her secret for success during Glamour’s Women of the Year Summit 2017

How I helped my clients love their jobs

– Bailey’s description of her most meaningful experience at McKinsey Implementation.

From PowerPoints to tattoos

– Berlin-based user interface/experience (UI/UX) designer, Malcolm, shares how his close-kit team surpassed a rapped client presentation.

Thursday Tip

– Don’t be afraid to talk about your contributions.

May the (Sales)Force be with you and other pop culture comparisons of McKinsey

– Saagar shares some of the many memories he’s made at McKinsey and he’ll carry with him to his new adventure at Salesforce.

Hot chocolate in Singapore with Shihui

– Shihui left McKinsey for six months to win gold, silver and bronze medals for squash in the Southeast Asian Games. Now she’s back and on fire.

How improv is like consulting

– Luke, a business analyst in New York, shares his week’s highlights and his thoughts on the similarities between consulting and one of his favorite hobbies – improv comedy.

Making a big difference through McKinsey Implementation

– Surya came to McKinsey Implementation after 12 years in industry to tackle bigger, broader, more diverse challenges

Sculpting leaders

– Virginie doesn’t spend her days behind a computer; she’s on the shop floor, coaching her clients as they reinvent themselves and their organizations.

Getting to know McKinsey in a relaxed way

– Emil wanted to learn more about McKinsey, so he joined the International Afternoon Tea last year. Read more on why you should definitely go this year.

Creating your own flight plan

– Aviation enthusiast, airplane geek and recreational private pilot Yun talks about his experiences as an associate in the Travel, Transportation and Logistics practice in Singapore.

Firm lessons from Peter

– Peter learned some valuable lessons at McKinsey. Read more on what he learned along the way of becoming an associate principle.

Making friends and learning new things at McKinsey Implementation

– Dennis is a senior implementation coach in Chicago. Learn about the reasons why he started at McKinsey Implementation and what he has experienced in the last 9 months.

Ride the McKinsey roller coaster with Matej

– Matej wanted to have tangible results from his work. His technical translator role at McKinsey gives him the opportunity to make a difference every day.

Day in the life: Rafael

– Learn how Santiago-based Rafael spends his day as a senior implementation leader

Tea time with Courtney from LUNAR

– Healthy living passionata Courtney shares a green tea with us and tells about her passion for recruiting and her new home, LUNAR.

The power of the pack

– Akshay, an associate in Chicago, penned two goodbye emails. What he experienced between them only reinforced how much his colleagues truly cared for and supported him.

Get to know Jan, partner in the Capital Productivity & Infrastructure practice in Amsterdam

– Jan, partner in Amsterdam, tells us about the Operations Excellence Program.

Friday afternoon coffee chat with Irfan

– Irfan, a business analyst in Boston, shares his week with us.

Learning about different industries at McKinsey.

– Rogier, an associate in our Amsterdam office wanted to learn about different industries, so he decided to start at McKinsey. He really enjoys the people, projects and office culture so it turned out to be the exact right choice.

Share the experiences of Farih as a summer intern in Jakarta.

– Farih experienced McKinsey’s culture as a summer intern in Jakarta, learning new ways to solve tough challenges and making new friends along the way.

Victoria shares her experiences at McKinsey.

– Victoria studied in the United States, then returned home to Spain to start her journey with McKinsey.

How McKinsey's tech work took my breath away

– London-based product manager Yerrie was admittedly skeptical about McKinsey's mark in tech. However, the powerful tech work she uncovered here has given her newfound opportunities to experiment and grow.

Coffee chat with Shinri

– Get to know Shinri and learn about her week, full of pizza, tennis, coffee, pugs and challenges.

Lean In with Emma

– Emma, a business analyst in the San Francisco office, takes the empowerment of women in the workplace seriously. That’s why she just started a year-long secondment to Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg’s nonprofit. Read about Emma’s quest for workplace equality.

Seaplanes and problem solving, foodie Tiffany experiences it all at McKinsey.

– Meet Tiffany, an implementation facilitator in our Jakarta office. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned her degree in Chemical Engineering. Prior to joining McKinsey, she spent more than three years as an engineer at Chevron Corporation in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mathilde's international experiences at McKinsey

– Read about Mathilde, who is passionate about solving major economic and social issues in Africa.

One huge learning experience

– Marijn joined McKinsey in Amsterdam for the promise of an opportunity to explore and try new things.

No average day at McKinsey

– Niharika is a London-based experience designer. Read how the pursuit of challenging and meaningful design work brought her to McKinsey.

How McKinsey’s helping me become my best self

– Han came to the U.S. at age 15 seeking political asylum to avoid persecution for his sexual orientation. He’s faced many struggles since but has found a home at McKinsey.

The magic of McKinsey design

– Product designer Scott moved across the country with his wife and son, seeking a more challenging and impactful role. Learn how he’s grown personally and professionally as an expert associate partner in Chicago.

Like a kid in a (McKinsey Operations) candy store

– Dado loves the variety of his day–to–day activities and colleagues.

Inside the garage of a McKinsey polymath

– Michael, a designer in Austin and one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business,” has an instinct for innovation.

Procurement @ McKinsey

– After years in a multinational corporation, Michael came to McKinsey’s Operations practice because it offered new challenges.

Different challenges, all meaningful

– For Stefan, the saying “variety is the spice of life” is true; that’s why this avid traveler ended up in McKinsey’s Operations practice in Munich.

Procurement perspectives

– As an experienced hire to our Operations practice in Europe, Kelly has quickly adapted to life at McKinsey thanks to the support of his colleagues in Copenhagen and beyond.

Meet Marianela, a senior implementation coach in Chicago.

– While no two days are the same –and that’s a good thing – Marianela has found consistent support and learning as a part of McKinsey Implementation in Chicago.

A petroleum engineer at McKinsey?!

– Absolutely. Read about Marie’s journey from the oil & gas industry to McKinsey.

Leadership lessons

– Three business analysts in our UK & Ireland offices define leadership and describe how McKinsey has brought their theories to life.

Charting my course in Calgary

– Alexandra found the support she needs to explore her passions inside and outside of the office.

Finding a family in Veterans@McKinsey

– Jack, a former U.S. Navy submarine officer, has found more meaningful work, balance, and support at McKinsey than he imagined.

Risk and reward

– Surprised by how valuable her military skill set was in the private sector, Kelemwork found a home in McKinsey’s Risk practice and is learning and growing more than she thought possible.

Meet Magda, a recruiting administrator in our Polish Knowledge Center

– Magda oversees recruiting for our Strategic Internship Program in Wroclaw. Check out her advice for applicants.

Diversity within procurement

– Marc joined our Hamburg office as an associate with the Operations practice after earning his MBA and working for several years; he’s been involved with a variety of projects within procurement and loves the challenge.

Emerging Scholars – Meet Thomas, Booth School of Business

– Thomas from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, has gone from client to Emerging Scholar.

Emerging Scholars – Meet Dhruv, Ross School of Business

– Dhruv, an Emerging Scholar from the Ross School of Business, will soon join our Chicago office.

Freedom, challenge, and personal growth within McKinsey

– Evelina, a London-based solution consultant, describes the innovative culture and supportive people she’s found at the firm.

Emerging Scholars – Meet Delilah, Darden School of Business

– Delilah, an Emerging Scholar from the Darden School of Business, will soon join our Atlanta office as a summer associate.

Sydney-based designer publishes her first children's book

– Meet Nicole, a senior media designer in our Sydney Design Studio and newly published author of “What time do elephants go to work?” a picture book that helps children learn to tell time.

People and procurement

– Zurich-based Operations associate, Clemens, loves the complexity of challenges within supply chain management and the community of colleagues he has found within McKinsey.

Emerging Scholars – Tobby, Yale School of Management

– Tobby, an Emerging Scholar from Yale SOM, will join our San Francisco office this summer.

Emerging Scholars – Nadou, Stanford Graduate School of Business

– Nadou, an Emerging Scholar from the Stanford Graduate School of Business who joined our New York office full-time last fall after completing her MBA.

Emerging Scholars – Ari, Columbia Business School

– Ari, one of our first Emerging Scholars, has been with McKinsey for more than two years. Read about his journey and consider applying for this introductory program today.

Emerging Scholars – Maria, Booth School of Business

– Maria, an Emerging Scholar from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, will join our Chicago office this summer.

Emerging Scholars – Dang, Darden School of Business

– Dang’s experiences as an Emerging Scholar led him to an internship in our Boston office this coming summer.

Emerging Scholars – Michael, Columbia Business School

– After a stint in the military and acceptance into Columbia Business School’s class of 2018, Michael joined the Emerging Scholars program to learn about consulting as a career.

Exploring the world through McKinsey

– Operations expert, Thomas, describes the global adventures that led him to Jakarta.

A month in the McK life: Thorsten

– Journey to New Zealand with this Zurich-based associate as he analyzes options to support energy transition and explores the stunning country.

Exploring in Calgary

– Pasley came to McKinsey’s Calgary office after her first career in oil & gas to explore new industries and learn from supportive mentors.

Getting involved in Day of Pink

– As an procure intern in procurement, Alex stepped up to lead his Florida-based team’s first year of participation in Day of Pink.

Meet McKinsey Analytics: Ben

– Ben, an associate focused in analytics within the operations space, describes why he joined McKinsey about a year ago, his favorite engagement, and his newest hobby.

A close-knit community in Calgary

– Aalia, an engagement manager in Calgary, joined McKinsey to work on tough challenges in a variety of industries after starting her career in oil & gas. She’s found those opportunities and more.

From research to consulting: analytics in the agriculture industry

– Delphine joined McKinsey as a knowledge consultant and research scientist, combining our passions for agriculture and data.

From admissions director to solution leader

– Seeking the sponsorship and autonomy to build a team from the ground up like Ankur? Check out her story as an associate partner and solution leader.

Being a business analyst in Australia

– Clare loves the opportunities she has to work with amazing colleagues, learn new things, and make a difference for her clients through her role as a business analyst in Sydney.

Meet Emma, a business analyst in Sydney

– “McKinsey gives me opportunities to tackle diverse and juicy problems, learn at an accelerated pace and work with inspiring, intelligent people. I’ve found an incredibly supportive and fun community here.”

Macro-level meaning

– Jonathan, an associate in Melbourne, came to McKinsey to make a difference on a level broader than he could as a mining engineer. Read about the new passions he’s exploring.

From music to McKinsey

– Entrepreneur and Wharton grad Brian joined McKinsey in Silicon Valley to broaden his business acumen and tackle tough challenges. McKinsey’s Black Network has been instrumental in helping him feel at home and succeed.

Variety is the spice in Susie’s life

– Susie, a business analyst in Sydney, gives McKinsey a round of applause for the diversity of our people and the opportunities we provide.

McKinsey’s Black Network: my firm family

– Patrick, a relatively new associate in Chicago, attributes much of his success at McKinsey to the aboveboard support and camaraderie he’s found in McKinsey’s Black Network.

The Next Generation of Friendship

– The relationship between Zimasa and Ntokozo started as purely professional through the Next Generation Women Leaders Award, but it has blossomed into a true friendship.

Next Generation Women Leaders Award Mentor: Mafalda

– Meet Mafalda, a business analyst in London, who was a mentor for last year’s Next Generation Women Leaders Award recipients.

Finding flexibility and balance

– Jo came to McKinsey Implementation to solve complex problems and have impact; she’s been surprised at how flexible the firm has been along the way.

McKinsey Leadership Program – South Africa

– Karabo, an MLP fellow in our Johannesburg office, shares her experience, describing how McKinsey is helping satiate her love of learning.

McKinsey Q&A: Patricia

– Patricia joined our Operations Excellence Program in London to avoid settling down. Read about some of her adventures.

Why I joined McK Operations

– Inga joined McKinsey’s Operational Excellence Program in Hamburg a little more than a year ago because she was excited about the topics she could work on here and the people she could call friends and mentors.

Experience Energy & Materials with Othmane

– Explore life in our Global Energy and Materials practice through this Sydney-based Moroccan and Real Madrid fan, Othmane.

Ingvar's Insight experience

– Ingvar, a junior associate in Antwerp, describes how attending the Insight helped him understand consulting and McKinsey and how skills he learned during his PhD programme enabled him to succeed here.

Life-long lean & logistics

– Raoul, a senior expert in operation in our Lyon office, has always been passionate about applying lean management techniques to supply chains.

Because they are only little once

– Melbourne-based associate partner Chris took three months off to be the primary caregiver for his then nine-month-old daughter – and plans to do the same thing with baby #2 due in February.

My many hats

– Mom of four, avid traveler and vintage hat collector, New Jersey engagement manager Sari shares her secrets to enjoying a full life.


– Meet Ingmar, a project manager from Cologne, who is pursuing his interest in energy-related topics, serving clients in Europe and the Middle East.

A petroleum engineer at McKinsey!? Andrey

– A Bucharest-based petroleum specialist Andrey finds inspiration in his colleagues and clients.

What I love about working in the chemical industry

– Marco, a newly elected partner in Frankfurt, describes what he loves most about our Global Energy and Materials practice and encourages other young professionals to join the chemical team.

Inside McK Implementation

– Glimpse inside life in McKinsey Implementation with Stefanie, a senior implementation consultant in our Amsterdam office.

Why I’m glad I came to McKinsey before earning my PhD

– Kai, a fellow with our Supply Chain Management practice in Cologne, describes how his McKinsey experience is helping him in his PhD research.

McKinsey Q&A: Marion

– Marion joined our Operations Excellence Program in the UK to broaden her industrial experience from oil & gas.

I came to McK to explore

– Former structural engineer, Silvia came to our Operations practice in London to explore different industries and organizations. This lover of people-watching, sunshine and chocolate hasn’t been disappointed.

Building a startup from scratch

– Software engineer Thabo, who's worked in both our Johannesburg and Berlin offices, shares his rewarding McKinsey experience, including developing a startup from scratch.

Matthew’s McKinsey

– Matthew, a chemicals knowledge specialist, describes his McKinsey journey.

A GEM of a practice

– Several of our colleagues in Asia describe why they love being a part of our Global Energy and Materials team.

Catching a Wave

– After a year at sea, product manager Benoit shares how the firm's program-management solution, Wave brought him back to McKinsey's Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium office.

Exploring my passions with McKinsey

– DC-based product manager Peter came to McKinsey to explore, and has been impressed by the diversity of people he’s met here.

What I learned last summer

– Sharon interned in our Beijing office last summer and experienced McKinsey’s diversity and support first-hand.

Product development

– Phillip, a senior associate in product development in Munich, describes his typical day and shares highlights from his McKinsey journey.

Designing my experience

– Visual communication specialist Magda describes the opportunities and support she has enjoyed at the EMEA Shared Services Center in Poland.

Family + Firm

– Dawn, an associate in Melbourne, appreciates the flexibility the firm provides for her to find the balance she needs.

Meet McKinsey

– Harrison, an associate partner in Hong Kong who specializes in digital, is coming to the U.S. to meet with interested MBA students this week.

Apprenticeship in Asia-Pac

– Shanghai-based operations expert Hoyt describes mentorship and meaningful client work.

Feedback and freedom

– Kae, an associate in Tokyo, has come to appreciate the freedom she has to carve her own path at McKinsey and the support and feedback her teams and mentors provide to guide her way.

A day in the McK life: Imke

– Imke joined our Johannesburg office as an implementation coach focused in Marketing and Sales a couple of years ago and is enjoying the variety in her teams and day-to-day work.

Making My McKinsey

– Ana Maria manages our global Agriculture practice. Her path has included international transfers, various roles, a growing family and more.

Mentored to make a difference

– Snezhana, an associate partner in New York, came to the firm to make a difference. She has – as she’s carved a path here, thanks to the support of her mentors.

Reaching new heights

– Victor, a knowledge specialist in chemicals & agriculture, describes what keeps him learning and thriving at McKinsey.

An entrepreneurial education for everyone

– More than 10 years ago, McKinsey alum Fred Swaniker teamed with senior partner Acha Leke to start the African Leadership Academy to improve the quality of education young people receive on the continent, dramatically improving students’ livelihoods.

A five-star summer

– Spencer joined McK as a summer associate in Hong Kong and played a meaningful role on a multi-national product launch, supported by his team. Learn about following in his footsteps – if you’re an MBA student in the U.S., join us in Nov. for a reception.

Falling in love with the firm

– Paula, a partner in our New Jersey office, has fallen in love with the firm many times as she’s repeatedly reinvented her McKinsey to meet her personal and professional needs.

Operational Excellence

– Marvin joined McKinsey as an implementation coach, and followed his passion into Operations. Apply for the Operations Excellence Academy to learn more about his path.

McKinsey Mentorship

– Jessica, an associate partner in Jakarta, credits her mentors with her success and enjoys paying that support forward. Learn more and apply to meet her and other colleagues from Asia–Pacific at our upcoming events in the U.S. in November.

A life of learning

– Amir came to McKinsey after completing his PhD in product development and has never stopped learning or helping his colleagues develop new skills.

Building lasting friendships

– One of Nigel’s favorite parts of the business analyst experience in Dublin has been building strong friendships with his peers.


– Giovanni, an implementation leader in Milan, loves experiencing new things and helping his clients and friends to do the same.

From MBA to McKinsey Asia

– Weibo, an associate in Beijing, joined McKinsey after completing his MBA at MIT Sloan. Read about his journey and learn more about ways to meet our colleagues from Asia-Pacific in the U.S. in November.

How McKinsey taught me to bring my whole self to work

– Meet Johnattan, a junior engagement manager in London who is an active member of our GLAM community and one of the organizers behind our new LGBTQ Leadership Award.

Unmatched people, unmatched impact

– From collaborating with inspiring colleagues to analyzing gigabytes of rich data sets, former investment banker and McKinsey data scientist Ajai—now an AWS AI sr. product manager— shares his rewarding experience at McKinsey.

Meet your Destination EMEA team

– Sarah is an associate in our London office. Learn about her and our upcoming events for students in the U.S. interested in working in EMEA.

Annabel's McKinsey

– Annabel, a business analyst in London, came to McKinsey after university. Learn about her full life and a diversity case workshop she’s hosting in October.

Elise's impact

– Elise, an avid runner and coach, joined McKinsey Implementation after 10 years in the chemical industry. She’s leveraging her past experience to help clients find success.

Nazrul's McKinsey

– Meet Nazrul, a junior consultant in our Kuala Lumpur office.

IT innovation within McK

– “As the leader of Product Insights for our IT hub in Prague, I get to throw a lasso at an unmanageable mess of data and figure out how to tame it to reveal its secrets. It’s thrilling.”

Belén on McKinsey New Ventures

– A mechanical engineer by training, Belgium-based Belén joined McKinsey New Ventures as a solution delivery consultant to combine her passions for data and strategy.

Learning again after joining McKinsey Implementation

– After 17+ years in aerospace & defense, Christian joined McKinsey Implementation in Germany. He’s still driving transformational change, but now he's exploring new industries and learning new skills.

McKinsey Q&A: Christian

– “In the 10 months I’ve been here, I’ve worked in very diverse teams on topics tied to my passion – economic development. I helped develop and implement a strategy to create hundreds of thousands of jobs.”

Caring people, meaningful work and flexibility

– Zarif, a junior associate in Kuala Lumpur, stays with McKinsey for the people, impact, and flexibility.

Selena’s (temporary) farewell

– Selena, an associate in London, recently left McKinsey to do a secondment with Rocky Mountain Institute, a renewable energy NGO in Colorado. Read her reflections on her time at McK.

McKinsey Q&A: Jason

– Jason joined our London office a year ago as a senior implementation coach. Read about some of his proudest accomplishments – including breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest distance team kite surfing – and his path to the firm.

Loving Design at McKinsey

– Chris, a senior mechanical engineer in McKinsey's Chicago office, shares the inside scoop on his amazing design team and provides tips for those interested in joining.

Victoria's McKinsey in Kuala Lumpur

– Victoria joined McKinsey about a year ago as a business analyst in Kuala Lumpur; she's enjoying taking on new adventures personally and professionally.

McKinsey Q&A: Heiko

– Heiko joined McKinsey’s Operations practice more than nine years ago; his most recent adventure is leading our new quality, compliance, and remediation (QCR) service line.

Dave’s source of energy

– To Dave, an implementation leader based in London, McKinsey has provided “renewed energy, professionally and personally.”

Santiago’s McKinsey

– Santiago, a junior partner in Bogota, joined McKinsey about six years ago after a career in telecommunications in Canada. Here he shares what drew him to McKinsey, our Global Energy and Materials Practice, and the tight-knit LatAm community.

McKinsey Q&A: Dolapo

– Dolapo is an associate from the Johannesburg office. He has spent almost five years with McKinsey, supporting clients in strategy and process transformations across Africa, North America and Europe.

McKinsey Q&A: Sally

– Our Australia and New Zealand office is pleased to announce it is accepting applications for the Women in Leadership Scholarship.

McKinsey Q&A: Holger

– Holger studied technical mathematics and computer science in university in Germany and the US. He applied to McKinsey because a Google search presented the opportunity.

McKinsey Q&A: Gaia

– Gaia is an implementation coach in our Milan office. She has more than seven years of experience working for other consulting firms and supporting clients in performance improvement and process transformations.

McKinsey Q&A: Gabi

– Gabriela, a junior talent research analyst on our experienced professional recruiting team in Poznan, joined McKinsey about two years ago straight out of university.

McKinsey Q&A: Erick

– Erick, an implementation leader in Sao Paulo, joined McKinsey Implementation after spending about 12 years in operations with Gerdau.

McKinsey Q&A: Marta

– Marta, a recruiting administrator in Poznan, joined McKinsey after starting her career at small agencies and loves the interesting colleagues with whom she works.

McKinsey Q&A: Kasper

– Kasper, a senior business analyst in our Warsaw office, leads a double life: when he’s not working, he’s practicing the modern Japanese martial art, kendo.

McKinsey Q&A: Gillian

– Gillian was an engagement manager in the Toronto office when she took a year off to work with One Acre Fund, an NGO that supports smallholder farmers in Ethiopia (and is ranked by Global Journal as one of the top 20 NGOs in the world).

McKinsey Q&A: Tyler

– Tyler is an engagement manager in Advanced Analytics who focuses in Operations and is based in our Stamford office.

McKinsey Q&A: Giulio

– Giulio came to McKinsey Implementation from another consulting firm, where he specialized in change management and business transformations.

McKinsey Q&A: Tanvi

– Graduating from university, I applied to several top global consulting firms; they all promised me opportunities to work on cutting-edge strategy for a plethora of clients across sectors.

McKinsey Q&A: Andrew

– Andrew explored a variety of roles as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and consultant before finding a home within McKinsey Implementation.

McKinsey Q&A: Florence

– Florence, an associate in our Miami office, came to McKinsey after earning her MBA from HBS. Perhaps it was fate – she had several friends from undergrad and her section here.

McKinsey Q&A: Sarah M

– Meet Sarah, an engagement manager based in New Jersey who is completing a fellowship with the McKinsey Social Initiative’s Generation team.

McKinsey Q&A: Anshulika

– Anshulika Dubey started her career as a research analyst in McKinsey’s knowledge center in Gurugram. After about five years, she left the firm and joined another McKinsey alumnae, Priyanka, to launch, a quickly successful crowdfunding website for creative projects in India.

McKinsey Q&A: Henrique

– If you’re interested in energy and materials and/or operations and transformational change management in Latin America, please join us for a webex at 8:00pm BRT / 6:00pm PET on 27 Apr 2016 to learn more about our impact in this space.

McKinsey Q&A: Nisha

– Nisha, an associate in our London office, started her McKinsey journey as one of our Emerging Scholars in 2013, just before beginning her MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

McKinsey Q&A: Rafael

– Rafael, an implementation leader based in Santiago, came to McKinsey after a successful first career in consumer packaged goods. Why consulting, why McKinsey, why now?

A day in the McK life: Amy

– Amy joined our New York office as an associate a little over a year ago. She was introduced to McKinsey through our 2013 Insight Engineering & Science program while she was completing her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Stanford University.

McKinsey Q&A: Victoria

– Victoria, a junior at Northwestern University, spent last summer independently researching how social media was used to empower Kenyans to fight against gender-based violence, supported by funding and mentorship from the our Undergraduate Women’s Impact Award.

McKinsey Q&A: Kelly

– Kelly, a business analyst with our Strategy & Corporate Finance practice, based in New York, was drawn to McKinsey by some “smart, fun, and successful female role models.”

McKinsey Q&A: Michael

– We are delighted to welcome Michael to our San Francisco location as a McKinsey Implementation coach.

McKinsey Q&A: Jane

– Meet Jane, an associate partner with our Marketing & Sales practice in San Francisco.

McKinsey Q&A: Heidi

– Meet Heidi, a consultant in our Copenhagen office. Running is a big part of Heidi’s life and we were keen to find out how she combines training with her busy work schedule.

McKinsey Q&A: Julia

– Julia, a junior at Brown University, was one of last year’s McKinsey Women’s Impact Award winners.

A day in the McK life: Lishi

– Lishi found consulting and McKinsey through our 2014 Insight Asia Pacific Program in Chicago while she was completing her post-doc in cellular biology at Rockefeller University.

McKinsey Q&A: Kristel

– Kristel, an engagement manager in Atlanta who joined McKinsey after starting her career as an associate on Citi’s trading floor and earning her MBA from MIT.

McKinsey Q&A: Remco

– Remco is an expert partner from Amsterdam who specializes in banking operations on topics ranging from process digitization to Lean management, branch footprint optimization, and transformational change management.

McKinsey Q&A: Akash

– Our Johannesburg office was recently accredited by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), which means students graduating with a degree in finance or accounting can join McKinsey as a business analyst and pursue their CA concurrently.

A day in the McK life: Jennifer

– Meet Jennifer, an associate in our Chicago office, who focuses on pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

McKinsey Q&A: Richard

– Richard Dobbs, a London-based director who co-leads MGI, recently spoke with us about the impact MGI is achieving, his own path to McKinsey, his most memorable project, and the reasons he has stayed at the firm for as many years as MGI has been in existence.

McKinsey Q&A: Joanne

– Meet Joanne, a senior implementation coach in Melbourne. She’s a graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (B.Eng. in aerospace engineering) and Melbourne Business School.

McKinsey Q&A: Aisa

– Meet Aisa, an associate in our Manila office. She came to McKinsey to make a difference in her home country and is enjoying exploring a variety of industries and functions including logistics, banking, telecommunications, marketing, and strategy.

McKinsey Q&A: Deepak

– Deepak, a senior implementation coach in London, studied international finance and business before starting his career in investment banking.

McKinsey Q&A: Patrick

– Meet Patrick, an advanced analytics expert in transportation and logistics who is based in Dusseldorf. Patrick joined McKinsey after a first career in academia. He loves the fast pace of McKinsey life and the exposure he’s getting to an array of industry challenges.

McKinsey Q&A: Emily

– Meet Emily, an engagement manager in Philadelphia. She joined McKinsey for the challenges, continuous learning, people and opportunities to make a difference in healthcare.

A day in the McK life: John

– Meet John who works with McKinsey Implementation in our Sydney office. John came to McKinsey after spending more than 20 years in industry, working in supply chain, engineering, and manufacturing with corporations such as Unilever and Nestle.

A day in the McK life: Sonam

– Chicago-based senior implementation coach, Sonam, grew up playing along with the hit quiz show Jeopardy! with her family. In December, she had the chance to compete on the show (which aired Jan. 26). 

McKinsey Q&A: Vincent

– Meet Vincent, a junior specialist in our Singapore office who joined the Operations Excellence Program (OEP) about a year ago.

McKinsey Q&A: Lauren

– When McKinsey became a HeForShe 10x10x10 Impact Champion, a business analyst in our New Jersey office took the opportunity to spend a year with UN Women.

A day in the McK life: Cecilia

– We recently sat down with Cecilia, a senior implementation coach in our Gothenburg office, to learn more about her journey to and through McKinsey. She spent 10 years in industry practicing Kaizen and Lean Six Sigma before joining McKinsey Implementation (MI)

McKinsey Q&A: Joseph

– Meet Joseph, a partner in Sydney who leads our Operations practice in Australia and New Zealand.

McKinsey Q&A: Bill

– Meet Bill, an associate principal in our Atlanta office. He joined McKinsey after working in the commercial power sector and U.S. Navy for more than 15 years and now focuses on operations and risk management for energy clients.

McKinsey Q&A: Sizwe

– Meet Sizwe, a McKinsey Leadership Program fellow based in Johannesburg.

McKinsey Q&A: Jessica

– Meet Jessica, a senior implementation coach based in Washington, D.C. She joined McKinsey Implementation about a year ago after working as a pediatrician.

A day in the McK life: Halla

– Meet Halla, an expert data scientist based in Chicago. Born in Germany and raised in Indiana and Tennessee, Halla holds a Ph.D. in Business Economics from Harvard Business School and a B.A. in Physics, summa cum laude, from Harvard University.

A day in the McK life: Anna

– Meet Anna, an engagement manager of the Singapore office. She participates in our Global Energy & Materials (GEM) practice program, which supports consultants as they deepen their industry knowledge and build their global network.

A week in the McK life: Ellen

– Ellen, an engagement manager with our EMEA Operations practice, based in Munich, describes one of her typical weeks supporting multiple teams, helping clients to make some energizing discoveries, and enjoying time with her family.

McKinsey Q&A: Sarah

– Meet Sarah, a junior associate in our London office who found McKinsey by way of our UK Insight program.

McKinsey Q&A: Alexandra

– Meet Alexandra, a global program manager at the McKinsey Social Initiative (MSI).

McKinsey Q&A: Sara & Andrea

– Black colleagues from across North America and Western Europe recently met in Chicago for a conference filled with professional development, networking, and connectivity.

McKinsey Q&A: Sophia

– Sophia, a member of our business and economics research team in Dusseldorf, is in between her bachelor’s and master’s studies.

McKinsey Q&A: Eric

– Eric, the West Coast (U.S.) regional managing director, has a hard time standing still. Whether he’s downhill skiing, moving across the country to lead a different office, or helping develop innovative ways to serve clients, he’s always moving – and can’t imagine life any other way. Read about his journey from business analyst to director.

A day in the McK life: Brooke

– Brooke, an associate in Dallas, shares a glimpse into her daily life by describing her role helping a client with an organizational change.

McKinsey Q&A: Sha Sha

– Sha Sha has blazed many trails en route to becoming the first woman director in our Greater China office. She’s grown the Automotive & Assembly practice in China (now one of our largest in the country), co-anchored a CNBC business talk show, coached entrepreneurs, and pioneered advocating the power of big data.

A day in the McK life: Roni

– Share a day with Roni, a principal in our London office.