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McKinsey Q&A: Andrew

Andrew explored a variety of roles as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and consultant before finding a home within McKinsey Implementation.

Andrew explored a variety of roles as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and consultant before finding a home within McKinsey Implementation. Now he’s a senior coach based in New York who continues to explore industries, functions and sectors and help clients to make lasting improvements.

Interviewer: Tell us about your path to McKinsey.

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Andrew: I’ve had an eclectic career path that has included launching a startup (HKN Technology Services), working in venture capital and mergers & acquisitions, and consulting with a boutique firm called Partners in Performance. I heard about McKinsey Implementation through a write up on LinkedIn about a new group within the firm that was doing things I really enjoyed and had been doing as a consultant. I’m really glad I made the switch because McKinsey has allowed me to work in industries and functions I never would have in other jobs, ranging from airlines to mines to banks. I’ve met a ton of awesome people who are all part of this tight-knit community.

Interviewer: Has your prior experience helped you to succeed here?

Andrew: My clients appreciate and value my background and expertise. The experiences I had working in industry for eight years help me to relate to them and work well with them to develop practical, actionable solutions.

Interviewer: What has been your most memorable engagement so far?

Andrew: My most fun and challenging engagement was working on an operations transformation with a large airline. The work was complex, but we made tangible improvements and I became good friends with my McKinsey and client-side teammates.

Interviewer: Have you found supportive mentors at McKinsey?

Andrew: Yes, several – most have been associate partners or partners on my client service teams. They have supported initiatives about which I’m passionate, even if they fall outside of our core client work, and they’ve given me access to really interesting work. The most important advice I received is encouragement to make your own McKinsey – to find people I can befriend and seek out opportunities to work with them. Working with accomplished people on topics of interest to me is incredibly rewarding.

Interviewer: What advice would you give to others considering McKinsey?

Andrew: The caliber of people and the diversity of backgrounds at McKinsey is hard to match. Working side by side with doctors, veterans, engineers, scientists, professional athletes, etc. is amazing. The capability that McKinsey is building in implementation is a differentiator. Creating a practice focused on ensuring the long term sustainability of the initiatives we recommend ensures our clients realize the full impact of our work.

My advice – especially for other experienced hires – is to come in ready to learn. Your expertise from industry will help you, but you can’t expect to rest on your background or pedigree.

Interviewer: What are you passionate about outside of work?

Andrew: Spending time with my family and friends. A perfect weekend for me is getting out of town and relaxing.