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At the end of the day, we all want to know who’ll we work with and what makes someone successful at McKinsey. Meet some of our people here.
Kui inline 4
Kui changed from law to McKinsey. She is loving every second of it.

Exploring new opportunities

– Lucas moved back to Argentina after his studies in the US. He is experiencing something new every day.

Making it work

– Sorin, a Bucharest–based associate, tells how he makes the McKinsey life work for him.

Opening the 100th McKinsey office

– Shivanshu studied in the US (twice) before coming back to his home country India (twice), and learned more than he could have... imagined along the way, thanks to McKinsey Mentorship.

Take the lead

– Rogerio wanted to make a difference in the public and social sectors. By making his own McKinsey, he is doing just that.

Insider tips

– Lenka gives you insights into the McKinsey Analytics recruiting process.

From Chile to Madrid, from business analyst to translator.

– Andrea switched roles and offices during his third year as a business analyst. Explore his path.

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McKinsey Analytics teaches skills that go with you

– Niklas switched to L’OrĂ©al, where he is using his McKinsey Analytics skillset.

The magic of McKinsey Analytics

– Mohamad feels like working at McKinsey is as fun as exploring data-sets on Kaggle.

Meet McKinsey Analytics: Pablo

– Pablo is senior fellow in data science, working in the Sao Paulo office. He has been with McKinsey Analytics for almost two years.

McKinsey Analytics and Africa

– Shiraz shares his adventures.