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At the end of the day, we all want to know who'll we work with and what makes someone successful at McKinsey. Meet some of our people here.
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Shi, a business analyst in Kuala Lumpur, says more.

Coffee time with a Next Generation Women Leader: Vera

– Grab a coffee and get to know one of the organizers of NGWL better.

Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Vera

– We will share stories of our Next Generation Women Leaders organizers over the next weeks. First up is Vera, an associate in Munich.

The absence of a typical day

– Data scientist Sanja spends her days modelling, presenting, practicing yoga and problem-solving.

New ways of working at McKinsey Implementation

– Fiona’s first part-time engagement.

Meet Patrik

– Burger aficionado, father of two and implementation coach extraordinaire.

Petroleum Asset eXcellence expertise

– William describes the supportive colleagues helping him learn the ropes in PAX.

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As time goes by

– Pedro learned a lot about design during the last two decades and several roles. Now he’s busy inspiring clients and colleagues... to value his craft.

Meet the women of McKinsey’s Operations practice in Europe

– Check out upcoming opportunities to connect with us

Building Wave 2

– Rory, the director of engineering at McKinsey Wave, describes his path to and vision for the team he loves.

Putting my ideas into action

– Simona enjoys the ability to influence real life as a senior implementation coach in Milan.