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A coffee chat with Iris

Iris explains why she loves working in the Seoul office over pu-erh tea.

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1) Who are you?

My name is Iris, and I’m an associate based out of the Seoul office. I studied Art History thinking I’d be a curator or auctioneer, but fell in love with the team-oriented, fast-paced environment McKinsey offers and joined the firm straight after college. That decision led to a very rewarding and inspiring three years so far.

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2) What was your favorite moment from this week?

Two weeks into a new project with a dream client, a senior executive sent out an email stating this was one of the best project kickoffs they’ve seen so far. Not only was it amazing to work in an industry I am interested in, but it was also super exciting to be part of a global project that successfully built a great relationship with the client over the past few years.

3) What are you drinking and why?

Pu-erh tea. The Hong Kong office (where I’m based right now) canteen has an awesome tea selection and I’m taking full advantage.

4) What is special about the office you are in now?

When I first joined the Seoul office, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect – aside from vacations, I hadn’t really lived / studied in Korea for ~7 years. However, I quickly felt at home. The Seoul office has a family-like culture, with people who will really make an effort to help you grow. The way we work in teams and with clients reflects the spirit of “정,” which translates to compassion or community. It’s not surprising the “optional weekend” social activities always hit a high in participation, or that so many personal friendships are formed at the firm. Among many other great aspects, this spirit of community and kinship is what distinguishes our office.

5) Do you have a Feel Good Friday tip?

I try to eat breakfast. I’m not a huge morning person, but I always feel much more energized after a granola smoothie bowl from the juice stand below our office.

6) What inspires you?

When good values – ethics, inclusion, sustainability, etc. – delivers real and relevant impact.

7) What’s your favorite app or emoji?

This one (below). So many ways to use it, ranging from when your family sends you photos of your dog to when you discover your office retreat is coming up soon…


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