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From a PhD in public health to consulting in retail

– Mariana was surprised and excited to find she could apply the skills and tools she learned in grad school to be at her best at McKinsey.

Enable people by inspiring them

Beke, an associate partner in London, gives her views on leadership and working at McKinsey.

Dreaming of small numbers

Oliver, an associate in our Munich office, dreamt to generate insights from data as a child and puts them in to practice now.

Authenticity, vulnerability, and flexibility

– Rachael tells about McKinsey and Inspire.

Saying we instead of you

As an experienced hire Nicolas changed from ‘marketing’ client-side to consultancy. Now he uses his former experiences for his clients. Read how.

If at first you don’t succeed

– Don’t let that stop you. Keep in touch and try again.

Achieving my goals with the right support

– Water polo bronze medallist Aleksa tells why he returned home to Serbia after earning his degree at Berkeley.

Emerging Scholars: Mohamad, Booth School of Business

– Mohamad’s McKinsey Mentor helped him find his way to McKinsey and through his summer internship to a full-time offer.

Emerging Scholars: Nancy, Tuck School of Business

– Nancy found colleagues at McKinsey she would follow anywhere, and her journey began in Emerging Scholars. Check out her story and apply by May 17.

Emerging Scholars: Sophie, Duke Fuqua School of Business

– Sophie’s mentors encouraged her to go to business school then McKinsey to make the type of difference she hopes to have on the world.

McKinsey is like a high–performance sports team

– Marieke, a former professional swimmer in the 2004 Athens Summer Games, now associate in the Public Sector Hub in Sydney, explains how.

Consider joining McK in Paris

– Grab a coffee or Perrier and meet Florent, a member of this vibrant start-up like community.

Emerging Scholars: Marla , Harvard Business School

– Marla will join our Boston office this summer. Her Emerging Scholars McKinsey Mentor Monika helped make it happen. Read how.

Looking back

– Senior partner and leader of our Growth and Innovation practice, Yuval reflects on the lessons he learned in his 15 years at McKinsey.

A place where you are celebrated

– Farid wants to tell you about our GLAM society in the Jakarta office.

Changing a nation on day 1 (almost)

– Aziz shares what led him to McKinsey Dubai after an MBA at Booth.

Finding my family at McKinsey

– The Emerging Scholars program did more for Kim than teach her about the firm. Find out more and, if you’re starting business school in the US this fall, apply by May 17th.

Opportunities as high as the Rockies

– Helen experiences a feeling of home coming to the Calgary office.

Curious soul-searching

– Lauren wanted the flexibility to learn about everything, so she came to McKinsey.

My McKinsey Family

– Florencia’s biggest surprise: finding colleagues to share her ups and downs throughout life.

Being myself opened doors

– Jaime didn’t get an offer the first time he interviewed with McKinsey. However, in being himself, it ultimately led Jaime to his dream, data science job. Guess where.

McKinsey’s #PressForProgress

– Today the world celebrates International Women’s Day. Read about a few of our colleagues who are making a difference in gender parity.

Take Time to skate

– Jackie’s been using this program to build another life – as a well-respected journalist covering figure skating on a global scale

Tea time with data scientist Victoria

– Victoria enjoys a tea, while listening to “songs that your parents like”. Learn more about McKinsey Analytics from her.

Take Time to play

– Joelle describes how she combines her work at McKinsey Dubai with her passion for the theatre.

A coffee chat with Kristi

– Grab a cup and learn more about this design consultant from Slovenia.

Natalia explains our Marketing & Sales practice.

Meet Natalia – a Junior Recruiter, who will tell you more about one of the largest practices at McKinsey and the opportunities that Next Generation Women Leaders participants will have a possibility to explore.

A coffee chat with Iris

– Iris explains why she loves working in the Seoul office over pu-erh tea.

Anita explains our Operations practice.

– Anita, a recruiter for our European Operations practice, tells why you should apply for NGWL and select the Operations practice route.

Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Janthe

– We would like you to meet NGWL team member Janthe. Read more here.

Meet Yvette

– Professional swimmer, TEDx speaker, Hong Kong-based business analyst

Coffee time with a Next Generation Women Leader: Insa

– Grab a coffee and get to know one of the organizers of NGWL.

Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Insa

– Meet organizer Insa who put her learnings from the 2014 event to use improving gender parity.

Experiencing the unexpected

– Discovering I can build a great social/sports life while working full-time at McKinsey.

Coffee time with a Next Generation Women Leader: Sophie

– Grab a coffee and get to know one of the organizers of NGWL.

Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Sophie

– McKinsey’s structured communication approach comes in handy at work, organizing the Next Generation Women Leaders event, and helping her sister.

Adventures at sea

– Similarities between consulting and ocean racing.

Coffee time with a Next Generation Women Leader: Anniken

– Grab a coffee and get to know one of the organizers of NGWL.

Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Anniken

– We add this business analyst from Oslo’s story to our profiles of Next Generation Women Leaders.

Coffee time with a Next Generation Women Leader: Vera

– Grab a coffee and get to know one of the organizers of NGWL better.

Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Vera

– We will share stories of our Next Generation Women Leaders organizers over the next weeks. First up is Vera, an associate in Munich.

Avocado coffee, kung fu, and social impact

– Shi, a business analyst in Kuala Lumpur, says more.

New ways of working at McKinsey Implementation

– Fiona’s first part-time engagement.

Meet Patrik

– Burger aficionado, father of two and implementation coach extraordinaire.

Petroleum Asset eXcellence expertise

– William describes the supportive colleagues helping him learn the ropes in PAX.

Putting my ideas into action

– Simona enjoys the ability to influence real life as a senior implementation coach in Milan.

Training for the circus makes me stronger

– Meet Russell, Chicago-based engagement manager, aerial acrobat, storyteller, and pianist.

A new way to find talent

– Keith, the head of people analytics, describes innovation in McKinsey’s application process.

Inspiration and insights

– Angela: London-based associate, former geneticist, current rock star

Kelsey’s work, her way

– San Francisco-based partner Kelsey tells how she combines client work with leading our West Coast Gender Initiative and making it to Soulcycle.

Coffee chat with Zain, a business analyst from Kuala Lumpur

– Time for a coffee (or noodle) break with Zain. Read more on his week, music preferences and grit.

The Glamourous Katy George

Katy revealed her secret for success during Glamour’s Women of the Year Summit 2017

How I helped my clients love their jobs

– Bailey’s description of her most meaningful experience at McKinsey Implementation.

Running Ultramarathon with McKinsey

– Chris, a digital expert from our London office, will use Take Time to run 250km across the Namibian Desert.

May the (Sales)Force be with you and other pop culture comparisons of McKinsey

– Saagar shares some of the many memories he’s made at McKinsey and he’ll carry with him to his new adventure at Salesforce.

Hot chocolate in Singapore with Shihui

– Shihui left McKinsey for six months to win gold, silver and bronze medals for squash in the Southeast Asian Games. Now she’s back and on fire.

How improv is like consulting

– Luke, a business analyst in New York, shares his week’s highlights and his thoughts on the similarities between consulting and one of his favorite hobbies – improv comedy.

Unexpected unity and openness

– Steve joined New Ventures to recruit data science and data engineering talent. Now he’s helping others join the firm, and discover their passions.

Getting to know McKinsey in a relaxed way

– Emil wanted to learn more about McKinsey, so he joined the International Afternoon Tea last year. Read more on why you should definitely go this year.

Creating your own flight plan

– Aviation enthusiast, airplane geek and recreational private pilot Yun talks about his experiences as an associate in the Travel, Transportation and Logistics practice in Singapore.

Firm lessons from Peter

– Peter learned some valuable lessons at McKinsey. Read more on what he learned along the way of becoming an associate principle.

Meet members of our LGBTQ+ community for drinks in London

– Meet London-based associate Toby and learn more about McKinsey during an informal drinks moment on the 13th of October.

Making friends and learning new things at McKinsey Implementation

– Dennis is a senior implementation coach in Chicago. Learn about the reasons why he started at McKinsey Implementation and what he has experienced in the last 9 months.

The power of the pack

– Akshay, an associate in Chicago, penned two goodbye emails. What he experienced between them only reinforced how much his colleagues truly cared for and supported him.

Learning about different industries at McKinsey.

– Rogier, an associate in our Amsterdam office wanted to learn about different industries, so he decided to start at McKinsey. He really enjoys the people, projects and office culture so it turned out to be the exact right choice.

Victoria shares her experiences at McKinsey.

– Victoria studied in the United States, then returned home to Spain to start her journey with McKinsey.

Coffee chat with Shinri

– Get to know Shinri and learn about her week, full of pizza, tennis, coffee, pugs and challenges.

Dawn the explorer

– Dawn sought out the opportunity to explore a new continent during her third year as a business analyst.

A close-knit community in Calgary

– Aalia, an engagement manager in Calgary, joined McKinsey to work on tough challenges in a variety of industries after starting her career in oil & gas. She’s found those opportunities and more.

The Next Generation of Friendship

– The relationship between Zimasa and Ntokozo started as purely professional through the Next Generation Women Leaders Award, but it has blossomed into a true friendship.

Finding flexibility and balance

– Jo came to McKinsey Implementation to solve complex problems and have impact; she’s been surprised at how flexible the firm has been along the way.

Because they are only little once

– Melbourne-based associate partner Chris took three months off to be the primary caregiver for his then nine-month-old daughter – and plans to do the same thing with baby #2 due in February.

An entrepreneurial education for everyone

– More than 10 years ago, McKinsey alum Fred Swaniker teamed with senior partner Acha Leke to start the African Leadership Academy to improve the quality of education young people receive on the continent, dramatically improving students’ livelihoods.

McKinsey Mentorship

– Jessica, an associate partner in Jakarta, credits her mentors with her success and enjoys paying that support forward. Learn more and apply to meet her and other colleagues from Asia–Pacific at our upcoming events in the U.S. in November.

Share the experiences of Farih as a summer intern in Jakarta.

– Farih experienced McKinsey’s culture as a summer intern in Jakarta, learning new ways to solve tough challenges and making new friends along the way.

Tea time with Courtney from LUNAR

– Healthy living passionata Courtney shares a green tea with us and tells about her passion for recruiting and her new home, LUNAR.