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Victoria's McKinsey in Kuala Lumpur

Victoria joined McKinsey about a year ago as a business analyst in Kuala Lumpur; she's enjoying taking on new adventures personally and professionally.

I studied electrical engineering at the University of Sheffield. After graduating, I saw consulting as an opportunity to explore different industries. I joined McKinsey in Kuala Lumpur as a business analyst about a year ago.

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My experience at McKinsey has given me even more breadth and variety than I expected. I work with the most passionate, smart colleagues on the most interesting issues. It has also allowed me to take on new adventures, like running a half marathon and getting a new puppy.

My favorite engagement so far has been building a data analytics center for a South East Asian telecommunications client. I’ve experienced the power of big data first-hand; not just read about the trendy term online. On this engagement, I worked with a diverse team – PhD-qualified analytics experts, data engineers, an engagement manager with years of experience in the industry, marketing specialists, and clients.

One of the most striking differences between McKinsey and university is the type and frequency of feedback I receive. Everyone at McKinsey is passionate about helping each other grow. It’s really refreshing to receive open and honest feedback from my teammates and leaders about my day-to-day performance as well as my long-term personal goals. For example, my engagement manager gave me tips on how to improve my slides and motivate client team members that helped me be more effective.

If you’re thinking of applying to McKinsey, especially in Kuala Lumpur, go for it. We’re hiring for several roles – check them out on our new job search page.

My best interview prep tip is to pick a handful of practice cases to go through with a friend; don’t get lost Googling case studies and try to read them all. If you have the opportunity, talk with someone who works or has worked at McKinsey to learn more about this organization and the people.