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Before McKinsey, I was a quantitative analyst at Goldman Sachs in New York. My whole life I wanted to work in Finance in a place like New York. That’s what led me to NYU. It was great to experience the city vibe and learn from some of the best professors and colleagues.

After a couple of years, my Fulbright Scholarship concluded and my US work permit expired along with it. I had to look for new opportunities back home in Mexico. My biggest concern at that time was more personal; I met my wife at NYU. She’s originally from Long Island, and didn’t speak Spanish very well. Moving to Mexico would mean leaving her job and home. In the end, I received an offer from McKinsey that we felt was too good to miss, so we moved to Mexico City. Now I have an amazing job that lets me work with the best colleagues on really meaningful topics. I also have a very cool new office, regular Friday networking drinks and the best views of Mexico City.


Incorporating my work and my personal life is very important to me and has been my secret to success. As I’ve progressed at McKinsey, I’ve gained more and more responsibility. I’m busier, but I enjoy the work I’m doing more than when I started. When I share my excitement with my wife, we’re better able to connect, communicate and prioritize our obligations at home and at work. More recently, there was an opportunity to take a project in Puerto Rico that required a lot of traveling. This was obviously something that I had to discuss with my wife first, and when I did it was very surprising to find out that she was the one pushing for me to take it, because she knew how much I liked the topic. It is very comforting to have a strong support network at home that has allowed me to chase my passions at work.

McKinsey is also very emphatic and supportive. Now that I’m transitioning to engagement manager, I always push myself and my teams to clarify exactly what everyone is responsible for – early and often. I always take my team members’ personal commitments into consideration and want them to do whatever that makes them happy, healthy and well–rounded. The best people I’ve worked with at McKinsey have embedded this culture of balance in me, and as soon as I started applying it on an everyday basis for myself and my teams, my experience here has become the best one yet.

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About Aldo:

I am an Associate in Mexico City. I love playing flag football and have played for more than 15 years. On the weekends, I enjoy going to the gym and spending time with my wife and dog.

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