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Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Janthe

– We would like you to meet NGWL team member Janthe. Read more here.

Who’s behind “Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick?”

Co-author Martin Hirt shares his experiences writing our newest book on strategy.

Coffee time with a Next Generation Women Leader: Insa

– Grab a coffee and get to know one of the organizers of NGWL.

Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Insa

– Meet organizer Insa who put her learnings from the 2014 event to use improving gender parity.

Experiencing the unexpected

– Discovering I can build a great social/sports life while working full-time at McKinsey.

Coffee time with a Next Generation Women Leader: Sophie

– Grab a coffee and get to know one of the organizers of NGWL.

Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Sophie

– McKinsey’s structured communication approach comes in handy at work, organizing the Next Generation Women Leaders event, and helping her sister.

Adventures at sea

– Similarities between consulting and ocean racing.

Coffee time with a Next Generation Women Leader: Anniken

– Grab a coffee and get to know one of the organizers of NGWL.

Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Anniken

– We add this business analyst from Oslo’s story to our profiles of Next Generation Women Leaders.

Coffee time with a Next Generation Women Leader: Vera

– Grab a coffee and get to know one of the organizers of NGWL better.

Meet our Next Generation Women Leaders: Vera

– We will share stories of our Next Generation Women Leaders organizers over the next weeks. First up is Vera, an associate in Munich.

Putting my ideas into action

– Simona enjoys the ability to influence real life as a senior implementation coach in Milan.

Inspiration and insights

– Angela: London-based associate, former geneticist, current rock star

The Glamourous Katy George

Katy revealed her secret for success during Glamour’s Women of the Year Summit 2017

Creating your own flight plan

Aviation enthusiast, airplane geek and recreational private pilot Yun talks about his experiences as an associate in the Travel, Transportation and Logistics practice in Singapore.

Firm lessons from Peter

– Peter learned some valuable lessons at McKinsey. Read more on what he learned along the way of becoming an associate principle.

Get to know Jan, partner in the Capital Productivity & Infrastructure practice in Amsterdam

– Jan, partner in Amsterdam, tells us about the Operations Excellence Program.

Victoria shares her experiences at McKinsey.

– Victoria studied in the United States, then returned home to Spain to start her journey with McKinsey.

Lean In with Emma

– Emma, a business analyst in the San Francisco office, takes the empowerment of women in the workplace seriously. That’s why she just started a year-long secondment to Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg’s nonprofit. Read about Emma’s quest for workplace equality.

How McKinsey’s helping me become my best self

– Han came to the U.S. at age 15 seeking political asylum to avoid persecution for his sexual orientation. He’s faced many struggles since but has found a home at McKinsey.

Finding a family in Veterans@McKinsey

– Jack, a former U.S. Navy submarine officer, has found more meaningful work, balance, and support at McKinsey than he imagined.

Risk and reward

– Surprised by how valuable her military skill set was in the private sector, Kelemwork found a home in McKinsey’s Risk practice and is learning and growing more than she thought possible.

From the Marines to McKinsey

– Kirk started his career as a member of the US Marine Corps. Now he’s basically running a startup within McKinsey. Read how it happened.

Being different is an asset, not a liability

– Brata, the first GLAM (LGBTQ at McKinsey) member in Jakarta and the organizer of this year’s Day of Pink celebrations for the office, describes his experiences at McKinsey.

From music to McKinsey

– Entrepreneur and Wharton grad Brian joined McKinsey in Silicon Valley to broaden his business acumen and tackle tough challenges. McKinsey’s Black Network has been instrumental in helping him feel at home and succeed.

McKinsey’s Black Network: my firm family

– Patrick, a relatively new associate in Chicago, attributes much of his success at McKinsey to the aboveboard support and camaraderie he’s found in McKinsey’s Black Network.

How McKinsey taught me to bring my whole self to work

– Meet Johnattan, a junior engagement manager in London who is an active member of our GLAM community and one of the organizers behind our new LGBTQ Leadership Award.

McKinsey Q&A: Alia

– When McKinsey alumna Sheryl Sandberg wowed the audience at last year’s global partners’ meeting, the ripple effect traveled far beyond that audience and led to a partnership between Sheryl’s Lean In Foundation and our firm.

McKinsey Q&A: Lauren

– When McKinsey became a HeForShe 10x10x10 Impact Champion, a business analyst in our New Jersey office took the opportunity to spend a year with UN Women.

A day in the McK life: Megan

– Megan, an engagement manager from the Southern California office, shares her experience working with two of our affinity groups during her year–long rotation with our global diversity and inclusion initiative.

Share the experiences of Farih as a summer intern in Jakarta.

– Farih experienced McKinsey’s culture as a summer intern in Jakarta, learning new ways to solve tough challenges and making new friends along the way.


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