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Farid wants to tell you about our GLAM society in the Jakarta office.

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How and why did you get involved with GLAM?

A year ago January, before I joined McKinsey, I went for a coffee with a colleague who taught me several things about the Jakarta office. He introduced me to GLAM, McKinsey’s LGBTQ network. This is rare in Jakarta, which has seen an increase in anti-LGBTQ sentiment. I quickly grasped the chance to join a community that would accept me as I am; being authentic is of paramount importance to me. One thing led to another, and here I am now leading the GLAM Jakarta chapter. My involvement with this group of colleagues makes my work here more meaningful and fun.

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What have you gotten out of GLAM and what have you contributed?

Any initiative can thrive at McKinsey if you put in the effort. However, it has been challenging to build momentum for GLAM in the Jakarta office. Because there are few LGBTQ colleagues in the office, I have focused on building our community of allies. This includes designing events that are less exclusively targeted toward the core LGBTQ group and more towards allies.

Why is Day of Pink particularly important to you?

The Day of Pink is a continuing tradition in McKinsey offices around the world that cements our leadership in diversity and inclusion. We have held Day of Pink celebrations for two years in our Jakarta office. It provides a forum to discuss homophobia and transphobia, while colleagues have fun together. It is particularly important for me as this is one of the platforms through which I can contribute on a topic I care deeply about. I volunteered to lead Day of Pink to fulfil my personal goals of raising awareness and highlighting the importance of allies.

Can you describe a time where GLAM or your McKinsey colleagues helped you be your best?

McKinsey provides an environment in which I can bring my whole self to work. My office lives up to our values in making the firm an unrivaled environment for exceptional people by truly valuing diversity. I have seen my colleagues speak out against remarks towards LGBTQ. It took me a while to be fully open with my colleagues, but now I know I can always tell my stories without being judged.

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It has been a challenging time for the LGBTQ community in Indonesia. My colleagues consistently reassure me they will speak out and fight with me for tolerance. They keep me striving each day. I want to extend this positive environment outside the firm. McKinsey is a place where everyone is celebrated and everyone can thrive.

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