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Seaplanes and problem solving, foodie Tiffany experiences it all at McKinsey.

Meet Tiffany, an implementation facilitator in our Jakarta office. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned her degree in Chemical Engineering. Prior to joining McKinsey, she spent more than three years as an engineer at Chevron Corporation in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Working in R&D showed me I enjoy doing work that lets me make a difference more immediately and directly. McKinsey Implementation allows me to do exactly that - work alongside clients to deliver impact quickly and sustainably. Also, the opportunity to be part of this young and rapidly growing group in Asia is extremely appealing. I am experiencing things I never would have tried if not for McKinsey. For example, on one of my past engagements, my team traveled by seaplane to our client site every week.

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Next to seaplanes, problem solving is typically my favorite part of an engagement. In my last study, we were driving the post-acquisition change management for a copper mining client in Indonesia and a key component was to formulate and cascade a compelling change story. We kicked this off with a two-day joint working session with our client. I was amazed by the synergy when a group of people with different experiences and strengths are put in a room to solve a problem together. We successfully defined the company’s aspirations, change story and communication plan and everyone left the session extremely energized. I was even more inspired when I witnessed these ideas and plans on flipcharts translate into real changes on the ground over our 3-month engagement.

I feel like I can be myself at McKinsey and I would like to emphasize this to future applicants. Enjoy the interview process and be yourself. It is important to prepare for the interviews, but don’t fail to let your real self-shine through.

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About Tiffany

Tiffany, a real foodie, works from the Jakarta office. She enjoys exploring new places through food, as well as watching Food Network and experimenting with new dishes in her free time. She also occasionally blends natural body care products to satisfy her inner scientist.