Fun, friendships, and fitting in

How did the Junior Consultants’ Club (JCC) form?

It was started years ago by a group of business analysts who wanted to organize social events for younger consultants. Some of the founders are still here and are now partners, which is pretty fun.

How often do you get together and what kind of activities do you do?

We get together every week. We host guest speakers, such as non-consulting staff who tell us about their daily work, senior leaders who describe the firm’s history and current strategy, and/or alumni who talk about their lives after McKinsey. We organize monthly sporting events, ranging from curling to mountain biking to biathlons. We have cultural events, such as movie nights, and dedicate significant time to non–profit and charity work to help the underprivileged community in Czech Republic and Slovakia. We occasionally organize larger trips; our last one was to the city of Znojmo and Podyji National Park to enjoy the last of the sunny days.

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What makes JCC so special?

JCC creates a community – a home–like atmosphere – for newer colleagues in the office. We all come from different backgrounds, and a large number of us are not originally from Prague and studied all around the world. JCC makes sure everyone feels welcome and included, helps us meet likeminded souls and build close friendships.

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