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Since participating in the Next Generation Women Leaders event in 2014 and joining McKinsey a year later, I have worked on eight projects in different industries and functions. One of the projects was a full-time, pro bono, four-month-long effort with Chefsache. It is a collaboration of more than 20 German companies of all sizes and types, united by their objective to increase gender equality in senior management positions. The initiative was founded in 2015 under the official sponsorship of Angela Merkel. To help companies enhance the gender balance of their leadership teams, the initiative produces tools, promotes new ideas and showcases innovative concepts, on topics including modern leadership culture and flexible working models. My responsibilities ranged from organizing the annual Chefsache conference with 400 participants from German industry to analyzing data on the share of women on different management levels across the members of our initiative. Gender parity is an interest of mine so this engagement has been one of my highlights.

Insa Inline
Insa Inline

Although the time since I joined the firm has flown by, I often think back to the Next Generation Leaders event in Paris, where I experienced the McKinsey way of working for the first time. Many of the consulting principles such as “top down” communication and the “80/20” rule seemed contrary to what I had learned in university; I studied chemistry where the 10th decimal was critical. Looking back from the other side is very exciting; I can’t wait to share my experiences as a science major with those who have a similar profile and are considering consulting during this year’s event. Since NGWL showed me the many advantages of consulting, I volunteered for the core organizing team. I am responsible for developing the case study that participants will tackle during the event. My goal is to make the case as realistic to consulting work as possible.

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