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McKinsey Q&A: Rafael

– Rafael, an implementation leader based in Santiago, came to McKinsey after a successful first career in consumer packaged goods. Why consulting, why McKinsey, why now? For the people and the meaningful work. Read his story, and consider joining his Latin America-based team in Implementation or Operations.


Interviewer: You joined McKinsey after 20 years in consumer packaged goods. What led you to consulting?

Rafael: I had a successful career with my old company; I worked across business units, lived in four countries in Latin America, and advanced into leadership positions. I was ready to find a new challenge. McKinsey stood out to me as a great way to help others, deliver sustainable impact, enhance my career and explore new horizons with the support of an accomplished and diverse set of colleagues.

Interviewer: Why did you join McKinsey Implementation (MI) specifically?

Rafael: MI is a really exciting group within McKinsey. We help our clients develop the capabilities they need to deliver sustainable results. My experience leading major operational and organizational transformations and my passion for teaching others’ new skills made MI the perfect fit for me. Within Latin America, MI is growing rapidly; I have the opportunity to help shape our team and drive our strategy.

Interviewer: What type of work have you done since you joined MI?

Rafael: I’ve used my experience delivering Lean transformations that translate into operational efficiency and organizational development, and stepped out of consumer packaged goods. Instead, I’ve been focusing on global energy and materials, including basic materials, oil & gas, and mining. Most recently, I’ve supported a major basic materials client through a Lean Transformation. I’ve been working with this client for the last 18 months and it’s been really inspiring to see how the individuals have grown and developed. Everyone – from line operators to senior executives – has taken the Lean methodology to heart. I’m proud to be a part of this journey.

Interviewer: How do you spend your time outside of client work?

Rafael: When I’m traveling I dedicate time to exercising, reading and enjoy quality time with my teammates. When I’m home, I love to spend time with my wife Camila and my sons Juan and Pablo, enjoying our house in Santiago or visiting nearby wineries, beaches or mountains.