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Lenka has been a senior recruiter at McKinsey focusing on analytics since 2015. She sits in the Munich office.

What kind of skills are most relevant for analytics roles at McKinsey?

Generally, we look for candidates with a quantitative background, the ability to apply different analytics methodologies across industries, and the desire to understand the outcomes of their analytics work in the business context. Candidates should be able to communicate in a professional manner. Overall, our door is open to diverse profiles. For example, I am searching for credit risk specialists and experienced consultants with knowledge of customer journey analytics.

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If I want to apply for McKinsey's analytics roles, what are the criteria? Is there anything I MUST have to succeed?

We mostly hire candidates with degrees in quantitative field i.e. mathematics, physics, computer science, or statistics and candidates with practical experience in applied analytics. We look for a mixture of strong math skills and ability to apply unique insights to solve business problems. Soft skills and an interest in business are very important, as well, because our colleagues have to explain technical issues to business people.

Is basic business or financial knowledge required?

No, only the willingness and ability to learn and develop this knowledge.

What does the recruiting process look like?

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Lenka inline 2

It usually consists of three to five analytics case interviews that assess situational experience and technical capabilities. The process can take some time - we want to make sure we hire the best people – but our recruiters are very helpful and work with you to make sure you understand the role, the firm and people you’ll work with.

Why do you use case interviews for the technical profiles, like data scientists or geospatial analysts?

Successful data scientists are not only great with codes and data; they are also current or potential business leaders. We conduct case interviews to see if you have the aptitude for that and get see how you think and solve problems.

Tell us about McKinsey’s hackathons and webinars. Is attending the way to get hired?

Those events are great to get to know us. When you hear “McKinsey” you might not think about people playing with data or creating codes. We run hackathons and other events to give you a chance to meet our people, experience the work, and explore consulting – and because it’s fun.

Do data scientists travel as much as consultants?

It’s not as frequent, but you will have to travel sometimes. Our work is client driven and it’s helpful to sit next to our clients at certain points during a project. Joining us will give you an amazing opportunity to learn more than you would anywhere else.

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