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Inside McK Implementation

Glimpse inside life in McKinsey Implementation with Stefanie, a senior implementation consultant in our Amsterdam office.

Stefanie is a senior implementation consultant in our Amsterdam office. Before joining McKinsey Implementation, she worked as a managing consultant, focusing on transaction security, product innovation, digitization, and vendor management. For six years, she worked for major banks and telecom operators, both in Europe and the US. Here, she describes what drew her to McKinsey and what she’s learned about herself. Consider following her path by applying for an implementation consultant role.

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McK: Please describe your role at McKinsey.

Stefanie: Since I joined McKinsey Implementation a year-and-a-half ago, I’ve supported several clients in different industries as they designed and implemented major transformational programs. During these 6+ month engagements, I work very closely with clients at all levels; it is fun and amazing to see what we can accomplish together and to watch my clients build new capabilities to sustain the changes we make and improve in the future.

McK: Why were you drawn to McKinsey Implementation?

Stefanie: In my previous job, I enjoyed thinking about how to improve customers ’ experiences, our operations, and employee satisfaction. McKinsey Implementation presented an opportunity to learn and apply best practices on a broader scale with colleagues who share my ambitions and my passion for change management.

McK: What has working at McKinsey taught you about yourself?

Stefanie: When I started at McKinsey, I underestimated my capabilities; McKinsey really values my experience and strengths, especially my ability to work well with and coach clients, and encourages and inspires me to build on these skills. I have learned to take control of my work-life balance, which enables me to enjoy the time I spend at work and at home with my family and friends.

McK: What are you passionate about outside of work?

Stefanie: I enjoy exploring new cities (seeing the sights, visiting museums, etc. with my boyfriend and/or friends), going to the theatre and sharing a homemade dinner and drinks with my family and friends.