McKinsey Q&A: Remco

Remco is an expert partner from Amsterdam who specializes in banking operations on topics ranging from process digitization to Lean management, branch footprint optimization, and transformational change management. Even though he was turned down the first time he applied to McKinsey, he’s now a leader within our partnership. He loves working closely with clients and being entrepreneurial – two things his role demands:

Interviewer: You work with a relatively new group within the firm – McKinsey Implementation. Tell us about it.

Remco: Yes, it’s an exciting, fast-growing part of McKinsey. We help our clients build the capabilities and programmes they need to fully implement and sustain the changes we co-develop. Our dedicated implementation experts have deep experience and expertise in change management.

Interviewer: What led you to McKinsey and your work in implementation?

Remco: I applied to McKinsey directly after finishing my studies, but I did not receive an offer. After I spent a few years working, a headhunter suggested I apply again. I was unsure, but I felt McKinsey would be the best place for me to learn, accelerate my career, achieve impact, and work with amazing colleagues. I took the chance, and here I am.

I love working with clients to make change happen and create real impact – and that is what we do with McKinsey Implementation. Also, working together with a diverse group of people, most of whom have rich experience in line management, is an amazing opportunity. Lastly, having the opportunity to help build this new service within McKinsey has let me be very creative and entrepreneurial.

Interviewer: What are you passionate about outside of work?

Remco: My family – my wife and I have two beautiful kids. They energize me and make me very proud. I run every chance I have and love swimming (I live at the beach!). I also love traveling – my family vacations as often as possible; we love to ski and we’ve had great holidays recently in Spain and Italy.

Learn more about an open role within McKinsey Implementation in the Netherlands.

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