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I joined McKinsey in the summer of 2013 as a business analyst in Buenos Aires. After two years, I left temporarily to pursue my MBA at Harvard Business School, then rejoined as an associate when I graduated in 2017.

As I reflect on my McKinsey experience, my greatest take-away has not been my professional growth and learning (which has happened in spades). Instead, the best part has been the amazing family I’ve found.

Florencia inline
Florencia inline

My first week at McKinsey, I met with all the other incoming consultants for a week-long introductory training called Embark. Our instructors introduced us to the firm as well as its problem–solving methodology, and we enjoyed the opportunity to get to know our peers from several offices throughout Spanish–speaking Latin America. Little did I know just how important this group of people would be or how much of my life I would share with them. Some of them welcomed me into their families when I was staffed on projects in Chile. A couple became my roommates during my MBA. Still others travelled with me and we, discover new parts of the world together. Most importantly, we enjoy and celebrate each other’s promotions, weddings, and even births of their children.

McKinsey’s environment is not competitive. It is constantly collaborative. Everyone is supported to thrive and become their best selves, just like a great family.

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Florencia earned her undergraduate degree in Economics from Universidad Torcuato Ditella in Buenos Aires Argentina and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She joined Mckinsey in 2013 as Business Analyst in the Buenos Aires office and has since then transitioned to an associate role. When not working Florencia enjoys baking, skiing and spending time with family and friends.

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