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IT innovation within McK

“As the leader of Product Insights for our IT hub in Prague, I get to throw a lasso at an unmanageable mess of data and figure out how to tame it to reveal its secrets. It’s thrilling.”

Pavol joined us about six months ago as the leader of Product Insights for our IT hub in Prague.

Pavol inline
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“I was born in Bratislava, Slovakia and have spent more time abroad than I have at home. When I finished high school, I moved to the Czech Republic and studied the most universal fields I could find because I had no idea what I wanted to do: international relations and theology. While studying, I met the beautiful mother of my amazing daughters Eliza and Agnes. Eventually, I developed an itch for data that I followed first to SAP’s marketing team, then Anheuser–Busch, and finally here.

Now, I mostly watch in awe as my team digs out IT data from across our organization and turns it into beautiful visual analyses. For example, we assessed the usage of the firm’s file sharing and storage system to help the product team understand which features are most used. With this knowledge, they can send tips to sophisticated users and an introductory training to rookies. We also advise product teams on how to measure their success, prepare dashboards for IT leadership, conduct surveys, etc. We all love data and have a well–rounded set of skills around visualization, statistics, data manipulation and communication.

My favorite part of my job is creating something beautiful that goes on to live by itself. When you have a child, it is completely dependent on you at first; before you know it, she starts making up her own mind and expressing her own opinions. When you play at an electronic concert, you manipulate a very small board of controllers to create an incredibly loud, overwhelming experience for the participants. This multiplication effect is what thrills me about data. I throw a lasso at an unmanageable mess of data and, using a few commands, tame it to reveal its secrets.

Outside of work, I’m an idle parent trying to un–school my children and give them a lot of down–bringing. I’m learning to juggle to earn their respect and make them laugh. I want to raise them to be deeply human, virtuous, spiritual adults to prepare them for whatever the future holds.”