Reaching new heights

I’ve been rock climbing since high school and love the process of making my way up a big cliff. It’s such an engaging adventure because I get to use many different skills to achieve my goal. Beyond the physical part, there are a lot of mental problems that have to be solved in real-time to make it through the terrain. I enjoy climbing with a partner – it’s fun to share the challenges and victories. Rock climbing has taken me to some stunning places, so the sense of freedom and discovery it brings me is off the charts.

Victor inline
Victor inline

My McKinsey experience has been similar in some ways – full of big challenges I enjoy tackling with amazing colleagues. I joined the firm’s Chemicals & Agriculture practice shortly after finishing my masters in Economics. I was intrigued by the firm’s strong reputation for developing talent and building leaders. McKinsey has definitely lived up to that expectation – and exceeded it, by being a great place to shape my career. Over the last six years, I’ve developed perspectives about the industries I cover as I’ve progressed from analyst to specialist. Today, I share that knowledge with colleagues and clients around the world. I’ve been fortunate to define my path and work with many talented people along the way.

At McKinsey, I’ve tackled many exciting, difficult projects. My first project for a private equity client was one of the most memorable. My team was helping assess the attractiveness of a manufacturing asset. The pace of clients’ questions and deliverables was a big challenge for me at first. I remember my engagement manager pulling me aside after one discussion with our clients to tell me: “It’s OK to let the client know you don’t have all the answers immediately. You can say you need to think about it and get back to them.” That took a lot of weight off my shoulders and helped me realize how we work with clients to get the best outcome.

If you’re interested in joining the firm, it’s important to know what energizes and excites you. Be sure to express those passions throughout your interviews. The people here genuinely want to hear about your interests and capabilities – to get to know you as a person, so they can make sure you’ll be happy here and help you grow as a professional.

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