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Learning again after joining McKinsey Implementation

After 17+ years in aerospace & defense, Christian joined McKinsey Implementation in Germany. He’s still driving transformational change, but now he's exploring new industries and learning new skills.

I’m Christian, a senior implementation consultant based in Munich. I joined McKinsey on the first day of this year. I’d spent more than 17 years in aerospace & defense and had worked my way up into senior management and executive level positions. I am passionate about developing cultures based on continuous improvement and had completed several successful transformations. I wanted to keep doing that type of work but was eager for new challenges and curious to explore different industries.

I’d been a McKinsey client several times and the consultants’ cooperative, impact-driven style always impressed me. My experience in program and project management, performance improvement, and organizational change management led me to McKinsey Implementation, specifically.

Being a part of this team allows me to leverage my experience to continue to help organizations improve. It has also given me the opportunity to dive into a variety of industries and sectors. I’ve been challenged by what’s been probably been the steepest learning curve I’ve ever faced. I’m learning new skills and I feel like I’m growing again…and I’m over 40.

Now, I work closely with our client’s senior management team, helping them develop new capabilities and processes to achieve sustainable improvement. It is motivating and rewarding to see proposed improvements become realities and lasting relationships develop. When I am not working, I am usually spending time with my wife and our boys or enjoying riding my road bike in the Alps.