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Born and raised in India, I have always been passionate about my home country. As a kid, I spent most of my time in my father’s mechanical engineering lab, playing with the machines and asking questions. After finishing my undergraduate degree at IIT Delhi, I was accepted into MIT for a master in mechanical engineering. Although I was impressed with the quality of education in the US, I really wanted to go back to India to pursue my career.

The problem was, I did not really know what I wanted to do. A few of my peers suggested consulting as the best way to go if I was uncertain. Shortly after, I began my journey at McKinsey.

In my first week, I was staffed on a pro–bono engagement, helping an economic institute develop its strategy. Our firm uses an office–driven staffing model that focuses on pairing new colleagues with local leaders who can mentor them. This opportunity allowed me to work with some of the best coaches in the Delhi office. They created real opportunities for me.

Early on, I was asked to interview one of the client’s board members. I remember his grey hair and slightly weathered face smiling at me as I conducted a rather choppy interview. I was only told later that he was the sitting governor of the Reserve Bank of India. I completely freaked out, but I was quite happy I did not know that before I went in.

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Slowly, this model of continued opportunities and mentorship honed my skills to a level I didn’t think possible. It was augmented through formal trainings (which were also amazing international experiences) and by my choice to do engagements in all parts of the world. For example; after my MBA at Harvard Business School, I worked in the Boston office for five years. Then I returned to India again, to open McKinsey’s 100th location in Bangalore. Here I am, twelve years later, still learning, growing, travelling and working with the best people.

About Shivanshu:

Outside of work, I love sports especially cricket. I also love spending time with my family playing with my two boys; my wife and I spend the weekends taking the kids for their sports.

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