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Day in the life: Rafael

Learn how Santiago-based Rafael spends his day as a senior implementation leader

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Rafael, a senior implementation leader based in Santiago, describes one of his typical days.

6:00am: Wake up and move.I usually set my alarm early enough to spend 15–20 minutes exercising. It boosts my energy and starts my day off well. After breakfast I go to the client’s office to dig in.

8:30am: Meeting with client project leader. I meet with my client who is leading our project to discuss next steps and focus areas for the transformation journey we’re on. We recently completed a very successful phase but there are several challenges moving forward we need to address to ensure sustainability.

11:00am: Problem solving session with my team. I return to our McKinsey team room and start a problem solving session focused on opportunities to improve spare part availability. During the session, we explored potential root causes for the team to validate in the field.

12:30pm: Lunch with a colleague. I have lunch with Todor, another McKinsey consultant, and help him think through how to approach a technical improvement we need to make to one of the client’s systems. We agree to bring in a senior expert at McKinsey who focuses on this particular topic to meet with our team.

2:00pm: Call with the broader McKinsey team. I have a call with two partners to discuss status of our engagement and align on the content we’ll share in our next meeting with the CEO. We plan to provide her with an overview of improvement achieved to–date and an outline of potential opportunities moving forward.

3:00pm: Project coordination meeting. I join the weekly project coordination meeting led by our client project leader to check weekly progress and work through outstanding issues. Today we reviewed a video prepared by the communications department to train employees on Lean Management and provided ideas on how to improve its effectiveness.

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5:00pm: Personal work time. I check my e–mail, update my to–do list, review a document and prepare training material for a client workshop at the end of the week.

8:00pm: Dinner with client and McKinsey team. I join my McKinsey and client teammates at a Peruvian restaurant for a fun dinner, including lots of talk about the qualifying matches for the Russia 2018 World Cup.

9:00pm: Family time. I call my wife to check on how things are going at home. We are planning a dinner with friends during the weekend so we talk through options for that. I chat with my son who just moved to the US to start his pre–graduate education and we, of course, talk about last weekend’s football results.

10:00pm Wrap up. I review a document one of the teams prepared on operational improvement. Now it’s time for sleep.

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