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Dreaming of small numbers

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My heart starts to pound faster when I solve analytical problems with data, computer science and advanced analytics. At McKinsey, I found a place to be at my best and work on topics that truly matter with outstanding colleagues. Here is my story:

As a kid, I was very curious and I always tried to find the best answers for ambiguous problems. My dream job was searching for answers through a room of full of drawers filled with papers with very small numbers. I learned programming at the age of 15, started a business at 17, and a second one at 22 while studying.

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Today, I am passionate about being at McKinsey because I get to solve our clients’ most pressing analytical problems. Our algorithms help diagnose cancer, prevent credit card fraud, optimize the lifespan of large–scale mining equipment, and optimize advertising campaigns. I specialize in marketing as this field provides a nearly unlimited amount of data and highly sophisticated problems: how to retain high value customers for an automotive company? Which marketing campaign will increase donations for a charity while keeping costs low? How do we ensure algorithms are sound and that the results are used properly in business processes?

While working on these questions, I coded, I learned from outstanding minds, and developed my skill–set. Most importantly, I felt I am at right place.

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