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Natalia explains our Marketing & Sales practice.

Meet Natalia – a Junior Recruiter, who will tell you more about one of the largest practices at McKinsey and the opportunities that Next Generation Women Leaders participants will have a possibility to explore.

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Q: What is the Marketing & Sales practice?

Natalia: It’s a vibrant, diversified community that helps our clients grow their businesses or reach new markets. It’s a home for experts who help organizations overcome challenges in customer experience, digital marketing, branding, sales effectiveness, commercial transformation and pricing amongst other key strategic topics for CMO/CEOS.

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Q: What are the sectors you’re the most active in?

Natalia: Commercial excellence is top of mind for leaders in most sectors, in our practice you will find specialists from almost each domain. We have served 20 of the top 25 global consumer/B2B brands and I would say consumer goods, retail & apparel, pharmaceuticals, banking, automotive and high tech are the sectors we serve most.

Q: Why do you think NGWL applicants should apply for a role within the M&S practice?

Natalia: With us you’ll work on the most challenging topics from the M&S field. A wide range of sectors we serve will give you numerous opportunities to gain experience and develop your skills. Wherever your passion takes you, you’ll build meaningful relationships with clients and McKinsey experts and become a true specialist in the area of your interest.

Q: What roles within M&S are open to NGWL applicants?

Natalia: For example, the M&S Associate position. It would be best to explore various M&S topics, as you would engage with clients facing challenges in different areas.

Q: Sounds great but what if I want to focus on more specific areas?

Natalia: We have plenty of opportunities for professionals with specified interests. To name a few of them – M&S experts in digital marketing creating innovative digital experiences that transform marketing strategy and operations.

Consumer & Shopper Insights consultants helping understand customers’ behavior.

Our Analysts translating big data into specific, actionable recommendations.

M&S Implementation consultants helping clients change theory into practice and apply our strategies and advice.

Q: What tips you would share with NGWL applicants?

Natalia: NGWL can help you start a great career at McKinsey. Even if you haven’t fully decided yet what would be the best path for you, make sure we can understand from your CV what excites you and what you’re good at. When you talk with recruiters – be open and don’t be afraid to ask questions – they are there to help.


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