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Hi, I’m Elise, a senior implementation coach based in Dallas. I ran my first marathon in Dallas six years ago. After recovering from the pain, I was hooked. I found a way to share my passion and help others achieve their goals by becoming a certified running coach. My husband and I can be found most weekends leading training groups for the Dallas Running Club. We also combine our love of running and with our love for traveling; we’ve recently completed marathons in Chicago, Boston and Berlin.

I joined McKinsey Implementation about a year ago after spending 10 years in the chemical industry. When a recruiter reached out to discuss opportunities at McKinsey, I was well aware of the firm, but not McKinsey Implementation. I found the opportunity to use my experience in industry to help clients translate strategy into sustainable impact very exciting. The many talented and generous people I met throughout the interview process solidified my decision to join McKinsey.

Now as a part of McKinsey Implementation, I work with clients by providing the support, tools, and capabilities necessary to realize results. My time in industry has given me credibility with clients because I’ve been in their shoes and have experienced similar challenges. I love working hand in hand with my clients and seeing tangible evidence of the impact we’re making. No two days are the same and I have a high level of trust and autonomy to plan my work.

I recently completed a lean manufacturing transformation project at a pharma company. Our goals were to increase productivity, reduce waste, and build capabilities within the organization. I joined the project during the diagnostics phase, where we spent a fast-paced week analyzing data, interviewing employees, and observing processes to identify opportunities and establish a strategy. Afterwards, I led the implementation of that strategy in two areas of the plant. Much of my time was spent with the front line, helping them set up pilots, establish performance management systems, and develop their leadership skills. The plant manager told me he saw the site accomplish things they previously said could never be done. It was truly rewarding to be a part of that journey.

If you’re considering applying to McKinsey - including McKinsey Implementation – go for it. There is a vast network of resources and expertise at the firm available to you and your McKinsey colleagues will help you grow and improve to a level you might not imagine possible. There is an amazing collection of talented people at the firm who will be genuinely interested in your success and there to help you every step of the way.

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