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Making a big difference through McKinsey Implementation

Surya came to McKinsey Implementation after 12 years in industry to tackle bigger, broader, more diverse challenges

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After 12 years in industry, I was looking for a new challenge. That’s when I found McKinsey Implementation, where I get the perfect opportunity to leverage my previous experience to solve tough business challenges. The variety of my work keeps me engaged.

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Recently, I helped a forestry client resolve water management issues in their 600,000 hectacre plantation. I traveled by boat, car, helicopter, and plane in my daily work. It was physically demanding and professionally very satisfying to contribute in a big way to environmental causes in addition to solving business issues.

On another recent engagement, I helped a leading cement company through a manufacturing transformation. Together, we identified and delivered cost savings worth 10% of EBITDA. One of our clients told my team we solved in four weeks what they struggled to solve in 10 years. That’s what we all work for – making a big difference.

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About Surya

Surya is an implementation coach based in Jakarta. He holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from JNV University. He started his career in the Operations Management Leadership Program at GE then moved to Deloitte, Gitanjali Gems and the Indo-Rama Group prior to joining McKinsey Implementation about a year-and-a-half ago. In his free time you might find him globe-trotting or on the squash court.

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