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McKinsey Q&A: Sally

– Our Australia and New Zealand office is pleased to announce it is accepting applications for the Women in Leadership Scholarship. This award provides $15,000 to a female student for in her penultimate year of studies and an internship in the summer of 2017 (timing negotiable) in one of our Australian locations (Sydney, Melbourne or Perth). Please apply by Sunday 3 July 2016.

Sally received the scholarship in 2014 and completed her internship in 2015 in our Sydney office. She then received a full–time offer and will join as a business analyst later this year.

Interviewer: Why did you apply for the Women in Leadership Scholarship?


Sally: As a law and biology student, I had many options to explore post-graduation. I was interested in all of them – law, innovation, education, etc. – so instead of limiting myself to a specific role in one industry, I looked for a place that would challenge every aspect of my thinking to make me stronger all around. McKinsey is a problem-solver’s playground, and the scholarship was my chance to explore. The firm exposed me to a range of thought processes, across industries and sectors. It was perfect.

Interviewer: What do you think makes McKinsey special?

Sally: The people genuinely care about me and value the differences I bring to the firm. I was amazed by how much time partners and my peers took to explain concepts to me and help me develop the skills I needed to succeed. It was a privilege to be surrounded by so many intelligent, interesting and kind people.

Interviewer: What was a highlight of your internship?

Sally: During my first study, I presented my work and recommendations to the Chief Procurement Officer at our client. It was incredibly rewarding to be entrusted with such a role. Throughout the engagement, I asked questions in meetings, contributed to team problem solving, and helped develop and conduct a client workshop. I was a valued member of the team from day one.