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Designing my experience

Visual communication specialist Magda describes the opportunities and support she has enjoyed at the EMEA Shared Services Center in Poland.

I joined McKinsey after graduating from university. I was drawn to the firm for a few reasons. I wanted to collaborate with people all over the world and further my language skills. I also wanted training and mentorship to help me learn my role and build my professional expertise. As a visual communication specialist in the EMEA Shared Services Center in Poland, I’ve found both of those things and more.

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My role is to create presentations for consultants and their project teams. When I joined, I participated in in-depth trainings that helped me learn my responsibilities and develop the skills I need to do my job. I work mostly in French and English.

The most challenging and interesting part of my job is finding different ways to illustrate concepts, processes and data. I work closely with the consultants I support to understand the main points they want to convey. Sometimes they have a clear idea of how they want to show information; other times, I leverage my experience to suggest options.

The atmosphere and people here are truly amazing. My team includes people from a variety of cultural and educational backgrounds. We collaborate constantly, sharing knowledge and learning from each other. I particularly enjoy our team huddles because they let us to get to know each other, acknowledge our achievements, share feedback and resolve any open issues. My colleagues are always eager to help me think through my goals, answer any questions I have, and provide suggestions for how I can better leverage my strengths.

Outside of McKinsey, I like being active. I enjoy stretching, squash and Zumba. I often spend time with my friends, checking out new restaurants, going to concerts and live shows in PoznaƄ, or playing cards or charades at home. On dark winter evenings, I like reading books, usually in French, and watching movies, especially those directed by Pedro Almodovar. I love to travel. Over the last two years, I’ve visited Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Belgium and France. Next year, I want to go to China, Vietnam and Japan.

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