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Lagos celebrates International Women’s Day

Hear how our colleagues have helped #PressForProgress by mentoring others.

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Last week our offices around the world celebrated International Women’s Day. Several of our colleagues gathered in Lagos and pledged their continued commitment to #PressForProgress. Their stories of mentorship inside and outside the firm inspired us so much we had to share them with you:

Mariam Inline

Mariam, associate

“I had been at McKinsey for a couple of months when my team was charged with facilitating a workshop for our clients. The night before the big event, I felt anxious about presenting in front of all the senior level clients who would participate. I spoke to my engagement manager and, even though it was already past midnight, she took time to coach me and help me practice. Thanks to her, the next day was a success. It was an incredibly inspiring experience for me, and I now look for opportunities to #PressForProgress for others in a similarly remarkable way.”

Onyinye inline

Onyinye, business analyst

“I was new at the firm and had limited exposure to leadership. I worked with an associate partner from Johannesburg who encouraged me introduce myself to more senior–tenured colleagues. When managing partner Dominic Barton came to Lagos, she literally dragged me to go say hello to him. Dom and I had an interesting conversation filled with career and life advice. It is truly inspiring to know I have people who really want me to succeed.”

Abi Inline

Abi, recruiter

“I had been at the firm for a few years, when I started to feel a bit stuck in my role. Then, a new manager came to Lagos on rotation for a year. She spent time teaching me about the different tools I could employ to make my work less stressful and she connected me with others at the firm who shared my passions. Those connections led to interesting side projects that have kept me engaged in and excited about my work at McKinsey. They’ve increased my visibility to leadership around the world and are now leading to even more opportunities. All of this because one person saw potential in me and decided to #PressForProgress.”

Dara inline

Dara, business analyst

“I organized a “Girl Rising” film screening in support of orphan girls in Tilinanu, Malawi. The proceeds were used to advance the education of three girls and support the small businesses run by two women in the community. Ensuring women have the resources and opportunities they need to showcase their potential will continue to be a priority for me.”

Read more about the work our firm is doing to support gender parity here.

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