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Coffee time with a Next Generation Women Leader: Sophie

Grab a coffee and get to know one of the organizers of NGWL.

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Interested in meeting Sophie and getting inspired? Join her during our Next Generation Women Leaders event in Paris. Learn more here.

What did you have for lunch?

A salad platter with falafel and an awesome yoghurt sauce.

What are you drinking and why?

Coffee, loads of it. I had a short night because I had to catch an early flight to New York. The good news: I’ll work there for the next two weeks, so I’m in an empire state of mind.

What is special about the office that you are in now?

Hamburg is one of the largest offices, yet it feels like a small community. Everyone knows and cares for each other. Of course, the view over the Elbe and the new Elbphilharmonie is a plus. Sometimes I’m in a call with a client when a large ship passes our office and blasts its horn, and it interrupts the conversation for a second. Never a dull moment!

Sophie inline coffee
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What are your weekend plans?

I am moving into a new apartment in Hamburg and will spend my weekend strolling around the many furniture stores to find inspiration and a couple of new pieces. I will end the day with a good glass of red wine shared with some friends.

Do you have a Feel Good Friday tip?

Drink your coffee in bed. If you start your day like this, it feels like it’s almost the weekend.

What inspires you?

People who have done unusual things and remained humble and approachable. They always give you the opportunity to learn from them.

What type of music makes you feel motivated?

I always listen to music when I work. Just this week, I found a great playlist with some very old RnB songs that take me back to the time I lived in the States.

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