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Anita explains our Operations practice.

Anita, a recruiter for our European Operations practice, tells why you should apply for NGWL and select the Operations practice route.

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Interested in our Operations practice? Join us during the Next Generation Women Leaders event. Learn more and apply here by March 8th.

Why should I select the Operations practice when applying for Next Generation Women Leaders Event?

The Operations practice helps clients transform their business from manufacturing, product development, procurement and supply chain management to capital projects & infrastructure, advanced analytics, and implementation. If you are interested in things like improving production equipment performance, advising on the end–to–end construction of a new production line, or dealing with logistics, consider McKinsey’s Operations practice. If you want to work in an international environment full of development opportunities, again, consider our Operations practice… it might be exactly the right choice for you.

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How can Next Generation Women Leaders help me if I want to apply for a position in Operations?

The NGWL event is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know us and learn more about the way we work. You’ll get first–hand insight into what being a consultant here really means and how our work makes a difference– for clients and your career path. The event gives you the chance to connect with our consultants and other inspiring women.

Do you have any tips for candidates preparing their application for NGWL?

Your application is the first opportunity for us to get to know you – so tell us what’s important for you. Be as explicit as you can when it comes to your experience, including your tasks and responsibilities and what you are passionate about: is there a hobby you’ve been perusing, a good cause you’re committed to or something else that drives you – let us know.