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Meet Emma, a business analyst in Sydney

Emma C inline

– Meet Emma, a business analyst in Sydney who joined our firm about a year ago after receiving her degrees in media & communications and management from the University of Sydney. If you’re interested in following in her footsteps, look for opportunities to meet our colleagues on a campus near you to learn more. Consider applying today. Business analyst applications are due Mar. 12, 2017.

Interviewer: What brought you to McKinsey? What keeps you here?

Emma: I was drawn to McKinsey’s promise to provide opportunities to tackle diverse and juicy problems, learn at an accelerated pace and work with inspiring, intelligent people. I stay because the firm has delivered on those promises; plus, I’ve found an incredibly supportive and fun community here.

Interviewer: Tell us about your most memorable project.

Emma: It was a strategy project in the energy industry. We got to envision what the world could look like in 10 years, including the impact of disruptive technology, which is something I’m really passionate about.

Interviewer: What has been the best training program?

Emma: A two-day training in Hong Kong called “Engaging with Presence.” It brought together more than 20 women from across Asia-Pacific and taught us how to better build and project credibility, confidence and gravitas. It was fascinating to meet colleagues from other offices and learn how the challenges we face as women in business vary some by culture and country. Our diverse backgrounds enabled us to come up with a variety of ideas regarding how to deal with those challenges. It was really cool to see how seriously the firm takes its commitment to being a great place for women.

Interviewer: How do you find the balance you need at the firm?

Emma: When I’m working in Sydney, I try to commit to a regular evening activity during the week, which gives me a fun anchor outside of work. A few months ago I started dance classes; they’re now a highlight of my week and an awesome way to unwind. When I’m working in a different city, I take the opportunity to catch up with friends who live in that city for dinner or breakfast. It’s a great way to connect with people I wouldn’t ordinarily see and one of the best perks of traveling.