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Avocado coffee, kung fu, and social impact

Shi, a business analyst in Kuala Lumpur, says more.

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Tell us about who you are.

Let’s try on a few labels: Ramen enthusiast, bio geek, kung fu practitioner, and proud member of our Kuala Lumpur office community.

Shi Kung Fu small

What was your favorite moment from this week?

Taking a toilet break after a long review with my clients’ CEO– only to be joined by the CEO himself and a team member, who continued the discussion as we were washing our hands.

What did you have for lunch?

Mushroom fried rice and botched up avocado coffee. It’s really popular in Vietnam, so I was surprised to find it’s scarce in Hanoi, where I am currently working during the week.

Do you have a feel good Friday tip?

Use it to spend quality time with your friends and family, especially if you’re overseas. I find an extended catch–up call with family, a friend, or my partner goes a long way toward recharging me.

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What inspires you?

Social impact– things like the firm’s Generation initiative and our work on Ebola and polio had me tearing up reading about them. Our KL office’s Youth Leadership Academy as well.

What type of music makes you feel motivated?

J-rock– specifically Radwimps right now. Their feel–good beats are paired with vivid, introspective lyrics.

What’s your favorite emoji?

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