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A day in the McK life: Imke

Imke joined our Johannesburg office as an implementation coach focused in Marketing and Sales a couple of years ago and is enjoying the variety in her teams and day-to-day work.

I joined McKinsey in South Africa to broaden my marketing and sales experience. As an implementation coach dedicated to the Marketing & Sales practice, I’m certainly having that opportunity. I’ve served clients in Johannesburg, Auckland, Oslo, and Birmingham on topics from identifying markets for expansion to defining a customer value proposition. Now, I’m helping a client in Nairobi improve its sales force capabilities and transform the way the organization reaches its customers. My typical day – although no two are exactly the same – looks something like this:

Imke inline
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6:30am: Wake up

6:50am: No, really. Wake up!

6:55am: I’m late, but as long as I have coffee I’m good to go

7:30am: Jump in the car with the rest of my team to be driven to the client site (out-of-towners do not drive in Nairobi). On our way there, we agree on the restaurant for our team dinner in the evening

8:15am: Arrive at the client and start our day with a team check-in to agree priorities for the day. I check email and prioritize client questions, data requests, etc.

10:00am: Meet with our client project lead to gather his input on a proposal for how and when we roll out the new sales model we’re developing

11:00am: Participate in a team problem solving session focused on refining the sales model based on our clients’ feedback

12:30pm: Eat lunch. I use this time to take a brain break and get to know my colleagues better. We’re a team of nine from Johannesburg, Nairobi, London, Tel Aviv and Dubai, so our conversations are always fascinating and fun

2:00pm: Head to the market with the sales manager and his team. I give follow-up coaching to help cement the principles I taught during a training session last week

4:00pm: Meet with members of the clients’ board of directors to update them on the progress to date

6:00pm: Head back to our hotel

6:30pm: Lead a call on an office event we’re planning to highlight the importance of implementation to clients

7:00pm: Grudgingly spend some time on the stationary bike in the gym

8:00pm: Dine with my McKinsey team to say goodbye to a team member who is moving to a new engagement. We enjoy a 5-course tasting menu while having outrageous discussions about everything from women’s professional fashion to ways to improve airports. The range of backgrounds of my teammates make them interesting dinner companions

10:00pm: FaceTime with my husband to hear about his day (and, really, to check on my dog)

11:00pm: Lights out!

There are always new challenges to tackle, and very little routine, which I love about McKinsey. If you want to work with amazing people, travel the world, and continue to learn new things, this is the place for you. Learn more about joining McKinsey Implementation in Marketing & Sales in Johannesburg, Germany, or London.