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I started sculpting when I was seven years old and I’ve never stopped. I work mainly with iron and gypsum or plaster. I love capturing light, shadows, colors, and emotions. One of my inspirations is the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama who colors the world with her pumpkins (like the ones behind me in this photo).

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I thought about art as a career, but wanted something more intellectually challenging that would allow me to work with systems and people. Still, I would never have been one to sit behind a computer and desk all day.

As an implementation leader based McKinsey’s Berlin office, I get to help shape my clients. I help them transform themselves and their organisations in ways that are sustainable and allow for continuous growth and development.

I can’t empower my clients – teach them to be in the driver’s seat and help them to be at their best – from behind my desk; I have to be out there, working with them, role–modeling and coaching helpful behaviours. A typical day means for me at least 5 kms of walking. I work away from my computer, with giant post–its and markers. I start most days with a check–in with my clients to align on what we need to achieve by the end of the day. Then, I lead training sessions and workshops, coach clients 1–on–1, and dig into very tactical discussions to solve problems my clients are facing. I love it.

And one of the best parts is that, over time, McKinsey lets me dig in and make a difference with many organizations in many industries and parts of the world. I was first exposed to McKinsey as a client of the firm; I was impressed by the people I met and the level of rigor with which they worked to understand me and my organization. Now, I get to build those relationships with my clients while enjoying a much bigger variety of challenges and McKinsey support network than I would have if I stayed in industry.

If you like to do meaningful work, with people you care about, to help clients build their capabilities and boost their organizational health and innovation, check out these awesome opportunities to meet my colleagues and I at WomEngineering 9–10 Nov at the Chateau de Guermantes in Paris and during other events across Europe this fall. We can’t wait to hear your story.

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