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Share the experiences of Farih as a summer intern in Jakarta.

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– During my internship, I worked on a banking study. My team was very welcoming, open and fun. I easily settled into the study and built great relationships with my colleagues and clients. We took time to get to know each other, regularly checked in to see how everyone was doing, and were always willing to help each other whenever we were needed. The open, non-hierarchical atmosphere has been one of the best parts of my internship. It has been easy for me to interact with everyone regardless his or her seniority. We have made so many fun memories together -- ranging from singing karaoke to playing escape the room in a room full of zombies!

My team mates taught me so much along the way. They’ve shown me how to approach a problem in a structured, efficient way using issue trees and by methodically prioritizing possible solutions to the challenges at hand. They’ve created opportunities for me to practice my verbal and written communication skills by presenting to clients, leading team problem-solving sessions and owning some of the materials we’ll leave with the clients when we’re done. Their advice and guidance let me know I was part of a tight-knit group, not just a working team. The level of trust we shared helped us to build friendships I know will last even after I return to school.

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