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McKinsey Leadership Program – South Africa

Karabo, an MLP fellow in our Johannesburg office, shares her experience, describing how McKinsey is helping satiate her love of learning.

The McKinsey Leadership Programme offered by the Johannesburg office seeks to develop exceptional leaders in South Africa. This prestigious programme is designed teach participants how to effectively lead others, themselves and businesses, while keeping true to our transformational aspirations. If you are interested, please apply by 26 Feb. 2017.

Karabo, an MLP fellow in our Johannesburg office, recently shared her experience with us:

“I am passionate about people and small businesses. I regularly mentor youth groups (for 12-21 year-olds) and often help friends and family members who run or are thinking of starting small businesses conceptualise their business ideas and improve their operations. I applied to McKinsey because I was interested in learning more about a variety of industries and functions.

The best part of this firm has definitely been the opportunities I’ve had to work with a diverse set of people and clients. They’ve already taught me so much and I know I will never run out of ways to keep growing and expanding what I know.

For example, one of my favourite engagements was helping a client establish a materials management process. It was challenging work; we had never supported this client before so had to learn each other’s working styles and ways of approaching problem solving as we went. It was also a completely new topic for me. My learning curve was steep and the problem was tough – a lot of the material in the client’s supply chain had been lost, damaged or used elsewhere without any record of it. I had so much fun working with the client to address these problems. The greatest satisfaction came after three weeks on the ground, once we had established a sound tracking process and clear communication channels between the client and its supplier.

McKinsey is a powerful platform. It has exposed me to exceptional people who have taught me many skills, stretched me and helped me to grow. I encourage everyone who wants to learn and explore to join this prestigious organization.”