First brushes with the flexibility of McKinsey

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Inline Divya
Inline Divya

I still remember the day in my pre–McKinsey life when I was disappointed I had to leave my dream job in New York and return to India without a job. The reason for the move was my husband was in a remote location in India and my company did not have any flexibility policy. After a decade of uninterrupted working, it was one of the worst setbacks I had faced. I did a remote MBA from a premier institute in India, IIM, and started applying for jobs when my husband moved to a city, Gurgaon. I had been on a three–year career break and was not sure McKinsey would hire me. I was wrong and that was my first brush with inclusiveness at McKinsey.

I started my career as a product owner at McKinsey Digital Labs. Three years into that, I was expecting my first child and going through a difficult pregnancy, unable to travel even within the city. Unlike my previous job, my team was quite flexible and I could work from home. That was my first brush with flexibility at McKinsey.

The year after my child was born, my husband was transferred to another remote place in India and McKinsey agreed to support my remote working. I was determined to make it work and I was recognized and supported as I worked toward an associate partner role.

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