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An interesting study is just a coffee chat away

Learn more about Catherine–Sophie, who joined Tune your Career last year and is now a junior specialist in Munich.

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Catherine–Sophie, a junior specialist in the Operations Excellence Program in Munich participated in Tune your Career in 2017. She tells what she took away from the event.

I have always been interested in consulting. However, as an engineer, I was a bit skeptical about entering the industry. Curiosity won out, and I applied for Tune your Career and I’m so glad I did.

The people who attended the event were amazing – the consultants at McKinsey as well as the attendees, many of whom I’m still in contact with. The conversations we shared were always interesting and engaging, and they provided a thorough insight into the firm. I especially valued being able to ask any question and get an honest answer. Hands–on workshops alternated with fun experiences, such as driving a cross–country vehicle on an off–road track. I still remember how exciting it was to use a Google Glass to pick warehouse items.

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I wanted to work with these incredible people on a day–to–day basis, while being supported by McKinsey’s vast resources (e.g., training programs, experts in every field, graphic designers). I decided to give it a go and come to the interviews. Just like the Tune your Career event, everything was very well organized. When I was offered a full–time role, I felt overwhelmed and happy.

Having passed my first few months at the firm, I’m even more astonished by the resources the firm provides and the development opportunities I’ve enjoyed. I especially like how McKinsey encourages me to build my network across the firm by offering lunch and coffee dates and other ways to get to know more experienced colleagues. The next promising study could be only a coffee chat away.

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