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Advice beyond the McKinsey walls

Anuradha learned a lot from her mentor. Even though he left McKinsey, he is still a big source of advice for her.

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My mentor helped me realize there are bound to be tough situations in my career. He told me I would be thrown into difficult projects and expected to find my way out. He also told me I would never be alone in these situations and could always ask for help.

I met Kaustubh while organizing the new hire orientation program in 2015. I realized, we had both studied economics, loved the subject and were interested in driving people initiatives at the Firm. That was the common connect. I could quickly see in him someone who inspired and understood me.

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Sometime later, I was part of a project that required me to travel to a different city in South India almost every day of the week. I started feeling exhausted and disappointed at the thought of not getting the chance to explore other sectors while feeling fatigued with all the travel. I decided to chat with Kaustubh about it and spoke for more than an hour. We discussed how I could get more out of the experience, what I wanted to learn and brainstormed ways in which I could better my experience. This conversation was so meaningful, I’ve held on to it ever since.

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Even though Kaustubh has now moved on to another adventure, I still seek his advice. That’s the best part of McKinsey… the people you work with and learn from, who inspire you and become a part of your life. Kaustubh is a great friend and will always be my McKinsey Mentor.

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