How I helped my clients love their jobs

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As a part of McKinsey Implementation, I help clients deliver huge impact, financially and culturally. Most recently, I leveraged my experience as an operations supervisor at a manufacturing plant to help our clients save ~$7 million dollars in three months. As important as the money saved, my team coached managers, supervisors, and front-line technicians on how to create a culture of continuous improvement. For example, we implemented daily huddles and team management boards, providing employees with an outlet to identify barriers to exceptional performance and give managers the opportunity remove those barriers. The mindset shift was palpable. One technician told me, “I finally look forward to coming to work. I feel like I’m being listened to, my ideas are being implemented quickly, and I’m empowered to make this a better place.” Only at McKinsey could I have helped support such a dramatic organizational change.

If you’re ready to challenge yourself, meet amazing people, and leverage your experience, McKinsey Implementation is the place for you.

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About Bailey

Bailey has a bachelors in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). She started her career as an engineer intern at Walt Disney World (yes, it was as fun as it sounds). She then spent about four years at GE Healthcare, graduating from their Operations Management Leadership Program and working as a production supervisor before coming to McKinsey. Originally from Detroit, she has an unrivaled love for her hometown sports teams and Motown hits. In her free time, she enjoys traveling the globe with good friends (the picture here is from a recent trip to Iceland) and hunting for the best pizza place in New York City.

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