Mindful at McKinsey

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Daria is an analytics expert based in Wroclaw. She shares:

“McKinsey has an innovation mindset. Each day poses new challenges and I never feel bored or like I can’t grow any further. I’m surrounded by colleagues who are the best in what they do and full of innovative ideas. They inspire me every day.


“Each project teaches me something different. My first one taught me how to be a consultant. The next helped me leverage my technical skills. As I’ve gained experience, I’ve been building relationship and leadership skills so I can better advise my colleagues and clients.

“One of the ways I try to absorb what I’m learning and stay balanced is by practicing my version of mindfulness. Traditional techniques like mindful breathing do not seem to work for me, so I’ve found a new approach: I create paper crafts and work out regularly. I also try to be very present in all the client locations I’m travelling to, appreciating the local architecture, food and culture.

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