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McKinsey Q&A: Marta

– Marta, a recruiting administrator in Poznan, joined McKinsey after starting her career at small agencies and loves the interesting colleagues with whom she works.

Interviewer: Why did you apply to McKinsey?


Marta: After I graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University with my master’s in psychology, I worked for small recruiting agencies. I joined McKinsey to see how recruitment was handled in a big organization.

Interviewer: What keeps you here?

Marta: My team. Without my amazing, dedicated and interesting colleagues, my job would not be half as much fun. I also have a lot of space to develop my own ambitions and dreams within McK. For example, I have always enjoyed coaching others. My team has helped me to carve out opportunities to train new members, which allows me to pursue my teaching passion.

Interviewer: What is your typical day like?

Marta: My day usually starts around 8:30 am with a cup of strong coffee or tea and a quick read through my email. Whatever requests have not yet been resolved are added to my to-do list – I wouldn’t last a day without it. I plan my work for the day and prioritize requests. Much of what I do is interview planning and preparation. I create the agenda for the interview day and make sure candidates, interviewers, and recruiters receive all of the information they need. I am constantly in touch with others, writing emails or talking on the phone. I am also responsible for keeping recruiting data in order and preparing synthesis reports, which always feels like an opportunity to slow down a bit.

Interviewer: What are you passionate about outside of work?

Marta: In my free time, I engage in all sorts of creative activities and turn into a terrible bookworm. Whenever I’m not reading books, I write my own stories and blog entries. My beloved ones are also very important to me and much of my time is dedicated to them.

If you excel at project management, please consider joining us as a recruiting administrator like Marta. It’ the entry point to an amazing career path, leading to roles as a junior talent research analyst like Gabi and then recruiter like Nora.