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Why I joined McK Operations

Inga joined McKinsey’s Operational Excellence Program in Hamburg a little more than a year ago because she was excited about the topics she could work on here and the people she could call friends and mentors.

During my studies towards a masters in industrial engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, I developed a passion for manufacturing and supply chain management. McKinsey’s Operations Practice was my top choice after school because I knew I could deepen my expertise quickly by working with different manufacturing clients and participating in the firm’s Operations Excellence training programs.

Inga G inline
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The best part of my role is problem-solving on the shop floor with my clients. It’s energizing and fun to see how McKinsey’s methodologies and expertise can couple with client’s detailed process knowledge to result in practicable and sustainable solutions to some of the toughest challenges. I’ve seen this approach work with automotive manufacturers that produce relatively high volumes of products quickly and in other industries where product assembly can take weeks and a single step may require activity on four stories of a plant.

Outside of work, I love sports, especially swimming, running and snow skiing. Since running is the easiest to do while I’m traveling, I do it lot more now than I did in school. It’s also a great way to get to know the city in which I’m working.