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When values match

Anna was attracted to McKinsey Implementation because she wanted to work at a firm she believed in. Read more on how McKinsey matches her values.

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Last summer, I realized I wanted a more challenging career, where I could get my hands dirty delivering sustainable changes. Additionally, I wanted to rapidly learn and grow both as a professional and an individual at an organization I believed in. I found McKinsey Implementation.

This picture with my grandma is special to me because she is one of my biggest role models, and I took it when she visited Chicago for the first time. I was in process of interviewing, and the McK office is in the background.

What stood out for me is how McKinsey is such a values–driven organization. The core values that define McKinsey can be summarized in three areas: adhere to the highest professional standards, improve our clients’ performance significantly, and create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people. This, I wanted to be part of.

What’s most exciting for me is that these values are not just beautiful on paper, but are visible in our everyday work. This started with the first call I had in the recruiting process. My recruiter, Janell, connected me with implementation coaches Sara and Bailey. They coached me throughout the application process and gave honest answers on all my questions. Sean, a recent hire from my alma mater, answered my initial questions before I joined the firm and when we met in person at an internal training, he shared his experiences and advice on how to be successful at the firm, including what resources are available. I continue to be impressed with how strong the support system and feedback culture are here.

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About Anna

Last summer when all my siblings got together for a trail run in the Adirondacks. It was a great time!

Anna is an implementation coach in the Operations practice, and is based in Chicago. She is a graduate of Clarkson University with an MBA in Global Supply Chain Management. Anna has spent the last 5 years working with Fortune 50 companies to implement integrated systems. Anna enjoys running with her favorite group in Chicago, Back on My Feet, and on weekends she can be found roaming Chicago with friends on her electric skateboard or challenging herself top roping.

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