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Making patients happy

– “I changed from surgery residency to McKinsey Implementation to help other surgeons and patients create and acquire the best healthcare possible .”

Hooked on tangible outcomes

– Christian, an associate partner in Dubai, grew up watching the planes he now takes to travel the world for Digital McKinsey.

My cross–continental journey to a McKinsey startup

– After serving as a generalist consultant for five years, Chicago–based associate Manasi sought out a new challenge with more flexibility and autonomy.

When values match

– Anna was attracted to McKinsey Implementation because she wanted to work at a firm she believed in. Read more on how McKinsey matches her values.

Prioritize your values and be yourself, an unexpected novelty can start

– Learn about Elisa who is a data science fellow in our Advanced Analytics Lab in Milan and apply for our Dissertation Award.

Why women in STEM make excellent consultants

– Alisha , a business analyst in Digital McKinsey in Toronto, explains in hopes of getting talented women to apply for a new award by May 7th.

A partner in growth

– Aleck describes how he creates success by really working with the client.

Combining the old with the new

– Julian, an experience design lead at Digital McKinsey in Berlin, tells how he delights clients with new and traditional problem solving approaches.

A career in reverse

– Mark, an associate partner in McKinsey Digital Labs, describes how here at McKinsey he can be the adviser he wants to be.

From PowerPoint to product design

– Digital McKinsey's Susan is on to a whole new way to tackle problem solving.

Inspiring young creatives around the world

– Tey reminisces about his own start in digital & design and looks forward to sparking more interest in the field by writing a creative brief for the D&AD New Blood Awards.

Who’s behind “Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick?”

– Co-author Martin Hirt shares his experiences writing our newest book on strategy.

Unlocking a $100M opportunity

– Tal explains how he drove rapid change during a recent McKinsey Implementation engagement.

Never regret writing in C and Perl

– Vipin, a manager at Digital McKinsey, describes DevOps and his experiences on the McKinsey Cloud.

The absence of a typical day

– Data scientist Sanja spends her days modelling, presenting, practicing yoga, and problem-solving.

As time goes by

– Pedro learned a lot about design during the last two decades and several roles. Now he’s busy inspiring clients and colleagues to value his craft.

A new way to find talent

– Keith, the head of people analytics, describes innovation in McKinsey’s application process.

Building Wave 2

– Rory, a software engineering director with our Wave by McKinsey startup, describes his path to and vision for the team he loves.

Design does exist at McKinsey

– And it is awesome. Malcolm shares more.

Running Ultramarathon with McKinsey

– Chris, a digital expert from our London office, will use Take Time to run 250km across the Namibian Desert.

Expedition 2018

– McKinsey colleagues from all over Europe and many backgrounds will gather in Kitzbuhl in January to help you explore McKinsey

Expedition 2018 event with Matthias

– Learn more about our Expedition 2018 event in Kitzbuhel from Matthias, experience design director at Digital McKinsey. Matthias will facilitate a workshop on digitalization.

Innovation expected

– Akweley thinks big and loves how much that is valued at McKinsey.

Get to know Jan, partner in the Capital Productivity & Infrastructure practice in Amsterdam

– Jan, partner in Amsterdam, tells us about the Operations Excellence Program.

Product development & service design at McKinsey Digital Labs.

– Having the freedom to be creative and work with engineers, designers and data scientists, is why Yerrie loves Digital McKinsey in London.

Coffee chat with Shinri

– Get to know Shinri and learn about her week, full of pizza, tennis, coffee, pugs and challenges.

No average day as part of Digital McKinsey

– Niharika loves that her typical day as an experience design director is anything but average. Read more about her experiences in her first year as a part of the Digital McKinsey team.

The magic of McKinsey Design

– Scott came to McKinsey for the challenge and the potential to have more impact in the world. Learn how he’s tackled both in the last year.

From consulting to marketing for Digital Labs

– Meet Peri, the director of Marketing & Communications for Digital Labs and learn how she’s making her own McKinsey.

Inside the garage of a Digital McKinsey polymath

– Michael, one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business,” has an instinct for innovation.

Building one of McKinsey’s newest ventures

– Nancy started two companies in East Africa before finishing her undergrad degree and coming to McKinsey. Learn how she stepped into a role that lets her leverage her entrepreneurial skills inside McKinsey New Ventures.

Life as a part of McKinsey’s RTS group

– Meet Kristy, a senior vice president in RTS, based in Philly.

From the Marines to McKinsey

– Kirk started his career as a member of the US Marine Corps. Now he’s running a New Ventures startup at McKinsey. Read how it happened.

Making a difference in healthcare

– Melissa came to New Ventures to improve healthcare by leveraging advanced analytics, and McKinsey’s expertise in the industry.

McKinsey Academy: Ankur

– Ankur, a solution leader with our McKinsey Academy startup describes her path to McKinsey; and the flexibility, autonomy, and support she enjoys in her role.