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Variety is the spice in Susie’s life

Susie, a business analyst in Sydney, gives McKinsey a round of applause for the diversity of our people and the opportunities we provide.

Susie joined us as a business analyst in Melbourne after graduating with her degree in Commerce from the University of Melbourne in 2014. She moved to our Sydney office earlier this year. Read about her path and look for opportunities to meet more of our colleagues on your campus throughout Feb. and March. Apply to join us today.

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“The variety initially attracted me to McKinsey. Fresh from university, McKinsey trusted me to play a meaningful role in supporting some of Australia’s biggest organizations. The firm gave me the opportunity to explore a new industry every couple of months.

The people keep me here. Everyone has so much energy. We’re a very diverse group; meeting people from such a range of backgrounds has been interesting and a lot of fun.

One of my favourite ways to meet new people is through the amazing training programs. I’ve meet colleagues from all over the world and explored several new cities. The best one so far was a Friday session during which a coding firm came to our office to teach us how to build an app. As someone from a non-computer science background, I enjoyed the insight into the world of the cloud and the nature of the work some of my colleagues who focus in digital do. I gave it a solid round of applause (my favourite emoji).

McKinsey is an amazing place. It’s a wonderful place to be yourself because our diversity – of thoughts, leadership styles, backgrounds, interests – makes us strong. If you’re considering applying – do it. If you aren’t considering it, you should. If you get an interview, be yourself. Share your creative ideas during the case. Describe your penchant for cold drip coffee, playing soccer, trekking, etc.”